Free Yourself Now! Simple Divorces $450 *No Property *No Children

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Simple Divorce (No children/No Property) Now $450!!!
Save $200! *Court fee excluded

Divorce (w/ Children & Property )
Now $675 Save $300!
*court/and or filing fees
excluded in cost
There are 3 main ways to end a marriage or registered domestic partnership in California: divorce, legal separation, and annulment. It is not necessary for both spouses or domestic partners to agree to end the marriage. Either spouse or partner can decide to end the marriage, and the other spouse/partner, even if he or she does not want to get a divorce, cannot stop the process by refusing to participate in the case. If a spouse or domestic partner does not participate in the divorce case, the other spouse/partner will still be able to get a "default" judgment and the divorce will go through.

California is a "no fault" divorce state, which means that the spouse or domestic partner that is asking for the divorce does not have to prove that the other spouse or domestic partner did something wrong. To get a no fault divorce, 1 spouse or domestic partner has to state that the couple cannot get along. Legally, this is called "irreconcilable differences."

After you decide how you want to end your marriage or domestic partnership, you need to plan your case ahead of time. Think about how you are going to handle your case.
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