Martial Arts Instruction in Rare Traditional Kung fu and Qi Gong

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Kung fu and Qi Gong for Health/ Self-defense/ Energy Cultivation

If you are looking to:
Improve breathing
Boost your self-confidence
Reduce stress
Enhance coordination
Build power and increase energy
Heighten your awareness of self, others, and surrounding environment

Then look no further. . ...
See below and email me if interested!

About the arts:
I offer instruction in traditional Taoist arts that will allow you to achieve all of the benefits above and more. Below is a short description of the main focus of each of the arts for which instruction is available. It is important to note that these arts can be studied individually, but should be intertwined for the best results.

Qi Gong (Pronounced chee gung) - This is a practice that involves using the mind, often in conjunction with the breath, movement and intention to boost and cultivate the energy levels of the body. This enhances awareness of oneself and improves sensitivity to the presence and actions of others as well as the surrounding environment. It improves peace of mind and can be done as a practice in and of itself for health or in conjunction with martial practices to build significant power
Splashing Hands - This is a highly effective and fast style of combat for self-defense. It focuses on full body coordination and harmony. It is executed with explosive power and speed and designed for close distances and 'to close' distances. One of the most effective, and definitely one of the rarest self- defense systems in the world. In addition to being a beautiful fighting system which is difficult to deal with, it is cardio intensive and improves body coordination by forcing the brain to cross-fire in order to execute the timing of the full body movements.

Praying Mantis Boxing- Straight up classical kung fu originally from Northern China with an emphasis on physical conditioning, grabbing, trapping, forms, punching, kicking and speed. The practices and techniques within this style are great for building a foundation of technique and coordination. It is not a pre-requisite to learn splashing hands, but will certainly establish a firm base on which to build for someone who is brand new to kung fu or martial practice.

About me : )

Eastern Health arts are what I love and have been the focus of my life for several years. I want to help others experience the life-changing power of these arts and pass on these treasures which are definitely endangered. My passion is health. Cultivating it, improving it and seeing what the human body is capable of. I have been amazed by the transformation of my own body and mind through these practices over time. We live in a society which does not understand the value of preserving one's health. While I have been asked by my teachers to teach the arts I described above, I operate from the mindset of a dedicated student who continues to learn. I learn something new every time I practice. I do not claim to be a Master, and frankly believe this term is frequently misused and overused to validate the egos of the holder when the appropriate level of skill to justify it is not in place. In my humble opinion, the world needs less "Masters" stroking their egos and more practitioners who want to share high quality knowledge, gained through experience and dedication to their art, with people who want to improve their health and self-confidence. I am happy to discuss my teachers and the history of my personal walk down this path off of this platform.

$$ Rates
$25 per hour for private lessons. Monthly rates also available.

Thank you for your interest.

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