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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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$200 obo
This established fish tank has been healthy and beautiful for a year and a half. I unexpectedly have to move across the country though, and cannot take it. If you really don't want the fish I could give them back to the store where I got them. This tank is also big enough to get several more fish. *** Fish tank photos are a little cloudy because I just cleaned the tank this morning!***
Here is what is included:

1 x 20 gallon high fish tank (24"x16"x12")
1 x fish tank lid with light
1x automatic timer (to turn light on and off if you're away or a busy person)
2 x hang on back filters (you only need one at a time, but I have two)
3 x extra carbon filters
1 x volcanic stone archway
1 x fish house with bubble run mill
blue small bottom stones
black large bottom stones
1 x small Buddha statue
fish tank heater (box intact)
a few weekend feeders
some extra fish and pleco food
1 x scrub brush (rarely needed if you keep the plecos)
1 x suction cleaner
2 x nets
random bubble tubes and valves
all the chemicals you need -- some doubles, but including
-what you need to clean tap water before adding it
-live bacteria
-aquarium salt
-copper (for ick or snail problems)
-what you need if your tank is cloudy
2 x water thermometers (one is a sticker on the tank, and an additional one that suctions inside the tank)
1 x plastic fish separator
1 x bubble wand for in the tank

Live things:
3 x underwater plants
2 x established plecos ("Algae eaters") about 8" long
2 x established albino catfish about 2" long
2 x established catfish sharks about 7" long (they snuggle and love to play)

You can also purchase the table I am using for an additional $15.

Please contact me with any questions!

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