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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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We are a Reading, PA based startup that is looking to establish ourselves in the mobile market. We have big ambitions and as such we are seeking a mobile developer that shares similar goals and drive. There is an ever-growing demand for mobile content in our economy and we are determined to position ourselves to fulfill that need.

Our strategy:

Phase One: We are going to develop social media and other user-friendly apps that engage users and allow us to develop the platform needed for phase two of our business mission.

Phase Two: Positioning our company to solve issues that are becoming more prevalent as our economy continues to decline. The following example demonstrates rent affordability issues. We believe this to be a future niche market: http://read.bi/1Mnvokm

How are we different from all the other startups? By now you know their strategy:
1. Create a fun app
2. Scale up to gain a huge user base
3. Attempt to monetize the app through ads and other means.
4. Introduce new features and new technology before competitors can.

And although we agree with most of the previous strategy, below is what sets us apart from most other startups:

1. We are positioning ourselves to solve inner city societal issues by using mobile technology - while at the same time creating a financially-sustainable company that will out-compete traditional industries. Discovering niche markets for our services is paramount to our success. We feel that ease of use, coupled with the availability of mobile technology to the general public will drive our growth. We're determined to establish ourselves as a market leader, not a follower.

2. We are passionate about these issues and believe that our company will take the lead to address both current and future societal problems as our economy continues to decline.

Silicon Valley is not the only place to create a juggernaut. Must have great skills in mobile developing and be extremely ambitious. We are not satisfied with a "piece of the cake." We want the whole "cake."

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