Comic Collector in area buyng this week only!

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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I am a collector who buys collections all the times and will buy your comics THIS week (Aug 16-Aug22801. 22) If you want to sell i will buy your ENTIRE collection if you bring it to me or I will come to you if possible. I am on the Massanutten resort this week and buying comics of all types and genres. I buy collections but will buy a group of keys if you so prefer. Don't wait because i am only here once a year and buy during this time only in this area. After this week I will be back on the coast. I will tell you what I pay in advance but you can look below for what i pay for COMMONS.

IF you are ready to sell your comics then I am ready to buy!! If you like listing every week and never selling then have fun! (some comics have been reposted over and over for a almost a year!) I am a collector not a reseller or a dealer and i buy at market prices-about what they sell on ebay. I usually come to the Harrisburg area once a year so if you want to sell-NOW is the time! I buy ALL kinds of comics from superhero to funny and all grades from good to mint. I am not picky because I am not in this for the money but for the HOBBY! If you have a collection you want to sell then shoot me an email or call and leave a message at If you want to sell now then bring them to me at Massanutten and I will buy tonight! I will tell you ahead of time what I pay(see below) and will also tell you price guide and ebay prices as well as what they are selling for on (not asking) Below is what I pay for COMMON comics in Good condition(lowest grade)
How much is a comics book worth? Here it is in a nutshell. A common(Not special issue or first appearance etc) comic is pretty easy to valuate. A comic in good condition(lowest grade for most pre-1980 comic and Fine(lowest acceptable grade for most post-1985 comics sell for such on the market today. These are how you find they will set in lots on ebay, etc.

1990-2011 commons-about .10 each(way over produced and very little demand)
1985-1989-. 25 each
1981-1984 .35 each
1976-1979 .40 each
1971-1975 .50 each
1965-1970 .75 each
1960-1965 1.00 each
Before 1960 1.00 and up each

These are for comics that are at least good and newer ones should be close to fine. If you are trying to get 1.00 each for common 1990s comics you are wasting your time. They are all over and ebay but no one is biting! If you want to sell I pay these prices and go up from there. Shoot me an email and i will buy all your comics but be realistic and realize these are COMICS and comics never were that expensive. These prices are pretty close. Check ebay for yourself! Talk to some people who are really buying.
If you want to sell tonight just bring them to me but it may take a couple of days for me to get to you. Either way i will usually answer your email within minutes.

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