Michelin Ltx M/s2 All Season tires 265/70r16 70% of tread remaining!!

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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I have a set of 4 Michelin LTX M/S2 tires available in great condition:

-70% of tread still on them after 35,000 miles of use!!! Original warranty was for 70,000 miles and at this rate, these tires should make it an additional 45,000+ with a safe amount of tread to spare.
-Sidewalls are in excellent condition: no bulges, scuffs or gashes.
-Very evenly worn. I have rotated every 8,000 miles or less and kept my wheels in perfect alignment since owning them.
- Have never had a puncture or flat in any of the 4.

I put these on my 4runner 3 years back after spending the better portion of a weekend researching the best all around tires. These Michelins definitely lived up to the billing and have been the best tires I have ever owned in all respects.
- As described above rate of wear is beyond excellent.
- Very quiet/comfortable ride (all but inaudible at all highway speeds)
- Great traction in all seasons:
- I lived in Duluth, MN in the winters of 2012 and 2013 where we had more snow than any other winter in the past 140 years and NEVER got stuck. (of note, my 4runner is NOT lifted and I was easily able to drive through 8+ inches of snow up hills on several occations). On one occasion driving down a steep hill and going around a curve I lost traction for about 20 feet before I regained control without incident, but this was on glare ice - my fault for being over confident and going too fast in the conditions. 100s of cars went in the ditch that day and/or were completely unable to ascend hills. I was able to scoot up the hills right past them in 4WD as if I were on dry pavement - definitely a good feeling :) Easily pulled my wife out of the ditch on another occasion in which she was buried to hood level a drifted over ditch.
- Never experienced hydroplaning or lost traction whatsoever on wet surfaces.

Check out reviews of tires from others online to confirm my testimony, these typically get 9.5/10 overall rating which includes mostly 10s in all of the following categories: Ride Comfort, Cornering/Steering, Ride Noise, Tread Life, Dry Traction, Wet Traction, and Winter Traction.

Only reason I'm selling is because I am lifting my 4runner and will be putting on different wheels. I will be putting the proceeds from these tires straight back into a larger set of the same Michelins.

Paid over $1000 for set of 4 new, yours for $110/tire or $400 for set of 4.

Call with any questions and/or to come check them out.

Thanks, Derek

p.s. Here are a couple other testimonies regarding projected tread life:
From: MN
"The tires have performed very well through Minnesota winters and are quiet at highway speeds. At 68,000 miles; they have worn evenly and still have 5/32 tread left. I will buy these again."

Jacob B.
"I'm sitting at 85k miles right now with a decent tread still. My next pair will be LTX M/S2. They ride great, do very well in weather and are quiet."

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