So you want to re-home your bird?

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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I am so upset and disgusted with the pure ignorance and stupidity of people who buy a bird (big or small) without REALLY thinking about the long term and possibly lifetime commitment. I see post on and even here on facebook EVERY SINGLE DAY of people who have to give their bird away because they no longer have the time they used to for him or her, or because they all the sudden develop these bull crap "allergies" . These animals are not disposable at your convenience, or are they to suffer locked up in a cage all day. Just because a bird has a cage they CAN NOT stay in it all day. Most of these birds have the intelligence of a toddler and can be destructive and develop behavioral issues. So people are wondering why their bird suddenly becomes aggressive.. well that is why, because you chose to neglect and leave them in a cage all day for long periods of time. And what really gets me is people post their birds up like a piece of furniture, calling them "great ornament pets" or people who offer to trade their bird for another animal or something else. What is wrong with people? And in my truly honest opinion the "re-homing" fee should never be more then $100 for any size bird, I don't care how much you paid for him and how much the cage was, and you should not either, take that $100 and donate it to a local parrot rescue. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE really think things through before getting a parrot, don't just get one becasue that un-educated employee at Petco tells you why you should buy it, because at that time you thought the bird was cute or pretty, because you kid was crying he wanted that colorful parakeet, because you think having a bird is cool. I could go on forever. Please do your RESEARCH before even attempting to get a parrot. Google is only one click away it's not hard. And to make a side note smaller birds such as the parakeet, finch, canary, lovebird, ect.. NEED just as much attention and care as a larger bird. Their small size dose not exclude them from any different care or love. Fun Fact Parakeets despite their size are really good talkers and can have a large vocabulary, just type in "disco the parakeet" on youtube and see for yourself. To conclude my long rant I would like to dedicate this to my four birds, Skittles, Snickers, Cinderella, and Cosmo (Petey and Elsa as well may my sweet babies rest in peace) to who I committed my life to as long as I live no matter what life gives me, I will never give up on them and promise to give them love and care for as long as I am on this earth!
End Rant

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