Baby Crested Geckos

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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I have 3 tiny little babies one is a moth old that hatched on June 16th (baby A in pictures) , one that hatched on July 18th (baby B in pictures) and one other little one that hatched a few days later on July 20th (baby C in pictures). Also feel free to ask for more pictures, I can always take more for you. as these are like 3 week old pictures.

There is a small re-homing fee of $60 which will include:

(1) Baby gecko (retail value at Petco is I think $54 (not 100% sure))
(1) Bag of Pangea Banana Apricot (retail value: $7.99 and what they eat now)
(1) Mexican Phyllo" plant (retail value of $4.99, and also what they have now)
(1) 50 count set of food and water dishes that are disposable ( retail value: $3.99 also what they use now)

All of the items are included for the health and well being for the gecko and to get your enclosure started. One bag of food should last them OVER six months easily.

So retail for just the food, dishes, and the plant that are all included in pricing is $22(with shipping) As you can not buy the type of food they feed with at Petco, or Petsmart. The commercial food they sell there is absolute garbage and I would never feed that to my geckos. Not a single reputable breeder or anyone who knows anything about geckos will recommend "Repashy." It would be like feeding dollar store food to your dog. There is a website called where I order all of my supplies, food, husbandry, and decor from. I recommend them over and over again, they have the best customer service, great prices, and super fast shipping. It normally takes them about 2-3 business days to get my order to my house.

I pride myself on taking excellent care of all my little ones, and I only want the best homes possible for them. I would like to keep them all to be completely honest, but I simply do not have anymore tanks available for them lol. (I already have 5) Im not in this to make money, I am only simply asking the price I think is fair for the feeding and housing of the parents, and the cost of hatching, feeding and housing for the babies. (it takes 3 months for them to hatch), and the price of the items that i will be including with them. I want to make this into a package deal to ensure that they have the easiest transition possible into their new homes, and also the most cost effective for you. the onlything you would need to buy is a tank and screen top lid. Right now Petco is running their $1 per gallon sale so the tank should only cost you $10 and I'm not exactly sure on pricing for the screen tops and you will also need a misting bottle.

Right now I have the little ones on paper towels for now so i can keep track f them to see if they are eating and digesting their food properly.

If you have any questions or comments PLEASE feel free to contact me at any time
(text preferably) and if I don't answer you immediately DO NOT PANIC. I work lol.

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