Puppy Thieves - Middlefield Avenue (country Club And Pershing Area)

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
Category : Pets

These thieves have stolen my dog and refuse to give her back. She is in serious danger, as these people constantly sell puppies from their home.

Around 1am on 8/18 all of my dogs pushed open our garage door and escaped. My boys were a few houses away and came running home when they heard my car start. Baby, my Doberman German Shepherd mix was not with them. We searched the neighborhood until 3am and started posting fliers at 8:30am. At 4:30pm I noticed the "people" in their garage so I stopped by to talk to ask them if they have seen her, since they are outside all hours of the day and night. Guess who I found locked up in their front yard? My dog! I was so happy and excited, as was Baby, she was jumping up and down and whining. They opened the gate with me and started telling me some sob story about this being her dog and she escaped months ago. This conversation became heated quickly and they threatened me and my family numerous times. My dog was leaning on my legs and I picked her up, one of the women grabbed her around the neck and front leg and began yanking on her as hard as she could. I let go of my poor Baby because I did not want to hurt her and she ran off down the road. At this point, I called the sheriffs office. The thieves have no proof of ever having the dog - no photos, no paperwork. When I found her, she was skin and bones. We followed the law in registering her as found and did everything legally. Now, the law cannot and will not help us get our dog back in any way. The sergeant that works in the Animal Control dept. from the Sheriff's office told me, someone stealing your dog is the same as someone stealing your lawn mower. There is nothing we can do, even with the microchip information.

Baby is mid-adoption and was hoping to go to an 11 acre paradise in the Santa Cruz mountains. I am so heartbroken. I am dreading having to call her would-be new dad and let him know this information. I am completely ready and willing to take them to Civil Court, however, I know that this will play out and become a "how much is the dog worth" verdict and I probably will not get my dog back.

Please help. And please, please, watch your babies. Double check your yards and your home. We have to protect our fur-children. Their lives do not matter to any type of law enforcement, even the ones that are supposed to be protecting them. We need to rally together and get these laws changed and ensure the safety of our babies. What is the point of getting them microchipped, etc.. when they hold no power when needed?

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