Independent Confident and Adventurous?

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Do you love adventure? Do you enjoy and live in the moment and love to dive into the action -- are you the eye of the storm. Do you love to stimulate your logical mind. Do you like to make critical decisions based on factual, immediate reality in a process of rapid-fire rational stimulus response. Do you want to work for others or for yourself?

Here are some traits of people with an employee mentality:

I work for a paycheck -- period.
There's no need to give more than I have to, because the company will take advantage of me.
The business is lucky to have me.
Somebody is mandated to take care of me.
I am entitled simply because I work here.
I only do what I am told to do.

Here are some traits of the business owner mentality:

I have a big picture view of the greater good I do with my work and realize that wages is the outcome of the good I do. Simply put, my work brings me great personal satisfaction.
When I go the extra mile, I am doing it because it helps the business and the people we serve.
I am blessed to be a part of this company.
It is my responsibility to see that my job is done to my greatest capability with every patient every day. Nobody can do this for me.
Entitlement is not a word in my vocabulary. I understand that I receive wages for my efforts, and while fringe benefits are nice, they can disappear if the business is not profitable.
I understand that there are times when my own personal agenda may be interrupted for the good of the people we serve.

Are you ready to leave the matrix?

This is a venture into business ownership. You will be responsible for your own success, however we provide a support team and resources for training that exceeds industry standards. A mentoring program is in place to train you in the exact steps to achieve a 6 figure income in one to two years.

We are ONLY interviewing those who are willing to add to this team based on their strengths. To determine these strengths you will be asked to take two personality tests which will tell us your entrepreneurial DNA. We are also asking for a short description of why you are interested in joining this team.

You MUST embrace these core values:

An honest desire to improve the health of mankind
Personal Responsibility
An abundance mentality (not poverty minded)
A desire to serve rather than consume

You must be aware of or willing to educate yourself in the following areas and understand the demands, struggles of living in the world of:
Low nutrient, toxic GMO foods
Government regulations
A corrupt political, education and healthcare system
A failing ecosystem
Toxic environment
Toxic food additives

If you are confident you would be a match for our team, please contact us immediately with your email address and a good phone number to reach you. We'd like to have a conversation with you. You must fill out an introduction form for use in getting to know you before the introduction call.

Please provide us with your name, email, and phone number and whether it is a cell or home phone (if possible please provide both). You will need to provide us with a letter of interest sharing why you are interested in this opportunity in your first point of contact.

Are you tired of Monsanto?
Do you want to stop GMO?
Are you fed up with the fact that your food is full of drugs and chemicals?
Are you aware that 41% of all Americans will get Cancer in their life and that # is growing?
Do you realize we have a sick care industry not health care?
Do you want to be healthy and help others get healthy?

Earn a significant amount of income as you grow within the company through residual income and bonuses.

You will meet new people and work in a team-oriented structure where each person is working within their personal strengths.

Set your own schedule and enjoy your life on your own terms. Dive into the action now and contact us. For more info call or text Tim at

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