Resume & Linkedin Profile Not Getting You Calls? The Solution Is Here!

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Is it time for you to make a career move? You aren't reading this
listing if you are happy with your job now.

Do you know what the alert, savvy job hunters are doing right now?
(Hint: They are doing what you aren't - hitting the job market
hard because employers haven't stopped looking for good people.)

The people with the jobs are looking for you, but are you delivering
a resume or Linkedin profile that's a knockout? It takes more than
sending resumes written about your "duties." Those kinds of resumes
will keep you where you are or worse - unemployed and sitting at home.

Did you know - 75% - 3 out of 4 resumes - never get seen by a
live human? New technologies cut you before anyone has to "waste"
time reading your resume. Without a resume that makes it through
these new systems, it's an absolute lock you won't be seen.

When you don't make it to anyone's PC to get read, you are as good
as invisible. You might as well send blank pages - it will be the
same difference. You don't really want to take your chances against
those odds, do you? Only a one-in-four shot to get a better job?

There is NO room for guessing, mistakes or looking like Joe or Jane
Average. That homemade or cheap, poorly written resume you got from
the bargain typing service or unemployed HR person/recruiter is no great
deal when it doesn't make your phone ring. The truth is: those documents
never have worked well, and they have ZERO chance today - not in today's
super-competitive job market.

This is my 35th year in the business of writing documents that get people
interviews. That's all I do. I've helped 17,000+ people like you. I've played
a big part in new grads, blue collar trades pros, and Fortune 100 executives,
and everybody in between - getting jobs they deserved and wanted.

When you decide you want to target the best openings and gain a huge
edge over all the competitors who want the same jobs you do, I'm the
guy you call. It's like calling in the Navy Seals instead of the Girl Scouts
to win calls to interview for the great jobs.

The worst mistake you can make is thinking a cheap typing service will
help you noticed or improve your job search results. My clients get those
"golden" calls for the top jobs. You can get them too. All it takes is
deciding to have great job hunting documents over poor typing jobs.

The biggest difference in the world is the one between a typed-up resume
and one that's professionally written. Call me or reply to
this listing seven days a week between 10 and 10. You'll realize how big
the difference is after just 10 minutes on the phone with me.

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