God Answers Prayer

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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After working my tail off (50-70 hrs. a week) in corporate America for over 25 years, and at the end of that time having little to show for it other than the hope of working another 25 years and hopefully having a small chance of retiring (but not really). I was praying for something better. Then God brought a good friend back along my path that shared with me his business, and how he had made over a 1/2 million dollars in the last 24mos. On a very part time basis I have been able to make life changing money for me and my family and am building a business that will make me financially free and retire me by the time I hit 50 (less than a year away). I have made a commitment to pay this blessing forward by helping 2 people I don't know (yet) do what my friend helped me do. Do you want to be one of them?

We grew 31% last year
We DO NOT buy and sell any products.

Do NOT quit your regular job; let me help you to be able to retire before all your co-workers.
No offense but if you are unemployed, this is not a job I wish you the best in finding one, this is way to work your way out of working a job or a traditional business, and be self employed and set your own schedule and income.

YOU MUST possess the following:
1) An open mind and be willing to sit down with me and see what I am doing, don't waste my time or yours calling me asking me a ton of questions and wanting me to explain everything over the phone.
2. Be coach-able and teachable. There is a LOT of money at stake and there is no need to re-invent the wheel. You can learn from others mistakes in the past or learn from your own if you do your own thing...
3. Be ambitious, a dreamer and a goal setter. If you just want to make a little extra $, go get a part time JOB, if you want to change your life and that of your family's, have dreams that are almost too big for you....you're my kind of person and we can and will work well together.
4. Belief in yourself, this is not rocket science, but it does take a commitment to following the path set by other successful people and having a desire to succeed.
5. Don't be a quitter, THE ONLY WAY to not be successful with me is to QUIT.

Ask yourself this.... "If you keep doing today what you did yesterday, how will tomorrow (or this year, or the next 5 years) be any different?

Also I deserve the best in life, as does my Family, I will do whatever it takes (legally, morally and ethically) to get that for them, what will you do for yours?

For things to change YOU have to change, let me help......

What you have to lose is simply a little of your time, what you have to gain can't be measured (more time with time family and financial security).

Serious inquiries only call Fred at (please no Text messages or emails) this is too important to try and communicate by impersonal media.

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