Swedish Flower Chickens Breeding pair

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
Category : Farm Garden By Owner

Rare, heritage breed. Young pair, she should be laying soon. Swedish Flower Chickens, are so named due to the whiteor black flecks/flowers on the tips of their feathers. The breed was close to extinction in the 1970s, however a few enthusiasts found an adequate amount of survivors to create a sufficientgene pool, to thankfully ensure the continuation of the breed. The base colouring varies from black to yellow, red or blue, all which have the black or white flecks/flowers as mentioned
earlier. Some may also have a small coif on the top of their heads. No two Swedish Flower Chickens are the same, which makes them all the more unique and for the chicken lovers amongst us, rather endearing. An adult hen generally weighs between 2 to 2.5kg, they are very hardy specimens. The breed itself is very robust and copes well with cold winters. They are calm, pleasant natured birds which are well suited to a free range or large pen environment. Each hen will reward you with up to 200 eggs a year, these eggs have a beautiful cream coloration and weigh around 60 grams.

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