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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Why hello there, I'm Matthew. I graduated High School a couple months ago and am currently waiting to join the Navy. I'd rather not just sit here and do nothing while I wait. I'm seeking side jobs to do for a little cash.

I have experience:
-Babysitting. (Five years of it, usually with kids ages four to ten). I am an uncle and fancy myself rather gifted at keeping children entertained. I'm used to watching a couple of kids, with the maximum being three. I'm pretty active so running around is no big thing to me. Also, I'm not addicted to my phone like most people my age!

-Gardening or Yard work. (Around five to six years of it). I know my way around the yard pretty well. Comes with being the only boy in a house of primarily girls. I know how to use push mowers, weed eaters, edgers, and riding mowers. I, however, own none of those things as I live in apartments. This is a job that I prefer. Something about being outdoors, getting down in the dirt. It just seems so right to me I suppose.

-House-sitting. (I've done this about ten times.) While not my favorite job, it is a job nonetheless. While I fancy myself popular in my own group, I'm honestly kind of an introvert. So no worries about parties or unwanted guests! I'm going to tie in pets with this one, as I cannot have animals in my dwelling. I will happily watch your animals and your house! I do not smoke, so no worries about a smelly house with butts everywhere upon your return. I also do not drink, so again, no worries about a smelly house with bottles everywhere. So, whether it be me just coming by and making sure everything is in order or staying overnight, I have experience.

-Drawing/Sketching (Two years of it). I am alright with a pencil in the way of art. I've been known to crank out a few good drawing here and there. I'd happily send you some of my work if you ask! I, however, would prefer not to get saddled with very complicated drawings! So, want a custom birthday card? Hit me up and we shall see about getting you what you want. But don't worry, if you don't like it you don't have to buy it! Also, if you want it to seem like you did it, I won't complain about you claiming credit!

What am I trying to do? Well, I'm glad you asked. By hiring me, you will help me:

-Save up for my first car. (Well, truck, but you know what I mean)

-Help me help my family out. (Groceries, Gas, Staying off my nerves, etc.)

-Keep me from doing anything stupid by providing me with something to do. (While I enjoy sitting on my computer playing my video games, I enjoy doing actual things much, much more.)

-and much, much more.

A little background you say? Well, if you are still reading you must be interested...or really bored. Most people stopped reading after seeing "Graduated High School a couple months ago". :'(

-I am 18, as of July 2015.

-I was born here in Bakersfield but grew up in Kansas, moving back around five years ago. (So, sorry if I talk in a Southernish accent sometimes. It kind of creeps in when it wants to.)

-My dream job? Well, I have two really. One more likely than the other. The more likely one, US Naval Police. My dream dream job? To be an author.

-What kind of music do I like? Well, a lot really. A short list would be Country, Rock, Classic rock, some Rap, a very select amount of Dubstep, Old time music (30's-50's). I, however, cannot stand most music that plays on the radio. Most hip-hop gives me a headache from how stupid it is. There are select songs from both that I can stand however.

-Favorite musician? Of all time? It's a tie between Marty Robbins and Freddie Mercury.

-Do I have a sense of humor? Yes...well, no. Maybe. Definitely maybe. I guess it just depends on what you find humorous.

Please, don't be afraid to ask me about other jobs. If I cannot do them I will be honest with you. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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