"Herter's" Left Handed Recurve Bow (28" 66") *rare*

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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So I'm an avid archer, been doing it ever since I was eleven years old. But archery is a somewhat expensive hobby, so luckily I have a left handed recurve bow in my closet that's useless to me because I'm right handed.

After looking in to it, turns out this thing is pretty rare. It's from the 1970's, not in production anymore. Back then, it costed $400 brand new, ya know, back when a can of soda was five cents. This thing is worth six or seven hundred dollars, but I know what it's like to not have the cash for something you want, and I could use the money, so I'm not gonna ask for that much. I also don't want to dissuade anyone from messaging me and bartering with me, feel free. I'm pretty broke so you may easily sway me. So if you're a collector, this is your lucky day. You're not gonna find this bow for this cheap anywhere else. Now on the the specs of the thing.

From what I can observe without being able to *properly* fire it, it's a fine bow. I'd gauge it's draw weight around 70 lbs, against the weight of my own 62 lbs recurve. Given it's age, and the fact that it's previous owner neglected to unstring it, it has an amazingly low amount of wear and tear. In fact, it's in better shape than my own previously mentioned bow that's from the same time frame. I'd have to assume it's barely used. It's got a weight around my recommendation (60 lbs), great condition, all that on top of the fact that it's a recurve, which is the type of bow I recommend as well. Really the only drawback for me personally it that it's left handed so I can't use it properly. If you're left handed, I couldn't recommend this bow to you more, it's beautiful. If I could use it I wouldn't be selling it, regardless of it's worth. Hence why I'm keeping my Ben Pearson Cougar, that's the same value if not more. And as I previously mentioned, if you're a collector this is a great find, as I'm selling far cheaper than I should.

Thank you for your consideration, and for sitting through my long winded description.

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