Magic the Gathering 730 Island Lot

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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I have 730 Island cards that I am trying to let go as a lot or individually. Just hit me up and make an offer.

157x Land (1x Foil)
1x AEther Barrier
1x Aeriel Formation
1x Aerie Worshippers
1x Agoraphobia
2x Air Servant
9x Alchemist's Apprentice
7x Amass the Components
1x Amphin Pathmage
7x Archaeomancer
1x Archetype of Imagination
1x Augur of Bolas
2x Battleground Geist
1x Blue Element Blast
1x Brainstorm
8x Cancel
2x Clinging Anemone
2x Cloaked Siren
2x Coral Barrier
2x Coral Merfolk
1x Countermand
1x Counterspell
1x Courtley Provocateur
1x Crackling Triton
9x Crippling Chill
1x Crooked Transmuter
1x Deepwater Hypnotist
1x Deranged Assistant
1x Dismiss into Dream
3x Disperse
1x Disrupt
12x Divination
7x Doorkeeper
4x Downpour
2x Dreadwaters
1x Dream Fracture
1x Dream Twist
1x Drowned Rusalka
4x Elgaud Shield Mate
1x Encrust
1x Envelop (Foil)
1x Essence Scatter
2x Eternity Snare
3x Evanescent Intellect
1x Faerie Invaders
1x Fate Foretold
1x Favorable Winds
2x Fettergeist
3x Fleeting Distraction
1x Floodtide Serpent
1x Flitterslip Eidolon
3x Font of Fortunes
1x Frilled Oculus
5x Frost Breath
4x Frost Lynx
1x Fugitive Wizard
1x Gainsay
8x Galvanic Alchemist (1x Foil)
4x Geist Snatch
3x Ghostform
3x Ghostly Flicker
2x Ghostly Touch
1x Giant Octopus
1x Glipmse the Future
1x Godhunter Octopus
2x Grasp of Phantoms
4x Griptide
7x Gryff Vanguard
1x Hands of Binding
2x Harbor Serpent
7x Havengul Skaab
2x Hidden Strings
1x Hubris
3x Hydro Surge
1x Illusionay Angel
1x Inaction Injunction
1x Index
1x Inspiration
1x Interpret the Signs
1x Into the Roil
3x Into the Void
1x Invisibility
1x Jace's Mindseeker (Foil)
2x Jace's Ingenuity
2x Kapsho Kitefins
1x Kraken Hatchling
2x Kraken of the Straits
3x Latch Seeker
3x Last Thoughts
1x Lone Revenant
1x Lost in a Labyrinth
2x Lost in the Mist
1x Makeshift Mauler
2x Mana Leak
1x Mass Appeal
1x Master of Predicaments
3x Merfolk of the Pearl Trident
2x Messenger Drake
3x Mind Reaver
1x Mist Raven
1x Mizzium Skin
1x Moon Heron
1x Mnemonic Wall
2x Murmuring Phantasm (1x Foil)
3x Negate
3x Nephalia Smuggler
1x Nimbus Naiad
2x Nullify
1x Nyxborn Tritan
3x Omenspeaker
3x Opal Lake Gatekeeper
4x Opportunity
4x Oracle's Insight
4x Outwit
1x Ovinize
3x Paralyzing Grasp
4x Peel From Reality
1x Phantom Warrior
2x Pin to the Earth
1x Plated Seastrider
1x Pongify
1x Power Sink
1x Prescient Chimera
1x Psychic Spiral
1x Quickling
2x Research Assistant
1x Rewind
1x Riptide Pilferer
4x Rise of Eagles
4x Rotcrown Ghoul
1x Runic Repetition
1x Runner's Bane
2x Sapphire
2x Scrapskin Drake
3x Scroll Thief
3x Seacoast Drake
1x Sealock Moster
1x Sea Serpent
1x Second Guess
3x Sensory Deprivation
1x Shoreline Ranger
1x Silent Departure
3x Skaab Goliath
4x Skyline Predator
1x Sleep
1x Snow-covered Island
1x Soulworn Spirit
5x Spectral Prison
1x Spectral Flight
1x Sphinx Disciple
1x Sphinx of Chimes
1x Statute of Denial
4x Stealer of Secrets
1x Stitcher's Apprentice
1x Stratus Walk
4x Sudden Storm
2x Switcheroo
2x Talrand's Invocation
3x Tandem Lookout
3x Thassa's Bounty
1x Thassa's Ire
5x Tome Scour
1x Tower Drake
1x Trait Doctoring
1x Tricks of the Trade
1x Tritan Shorestalker (Foil)
1x Tromokratis
2x Unsummon
1x Vanishment
1x Vaporkin
1x Vedalkin Entrancer
1x Vizzerdrix
2x Void Snare
2x Void Stalker
2x Voidwalk
6x Voidwelder
1x Vortex Elemental
4x Voyage's End
2x Wall of Frost
2x War-wing Siren
1x Wavecrash Triton
7x Way of the Thief
3x Welkin Tern
8x Wind Drake
3x Wingcrafter
1x Word of Undoing
1x Zephyr Charge

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