Course Hero Knowledge Drive at Osu

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
Category : Volunteers


I'm an OSU student currently working as an intern through Course Hero and I need other students to help me network the Course Hero label on campus and upload academic documents onto the Course Hero website. If you're willing and able to help then I will sign you on to my Knowledge Drive team where you will upload documents to create course packs. There is no charge for signing up and you will most likely be spending a minimum of 2-3 hours a week assisting me.

What's in it for you and why would you want to dedicate your precious time to me?
There are many benefits that you will receive which include:
1. Free Course Hero Premier Access for 1 month if you upload 40 academic documents.
2. If you want the opportunity to earn cash for sharing resources, you can upload to our Marketplace.
You'll earn:
$5 every time one of your documents result in a new Course Hero subscriber
$1 each time one of your documents is unlocked 20 times
Think of it as a side project to possibly earn money in the long run.
3. Regardless of which reward option you choose, we'll donate 1 book to Books for Africa for every 10
documents you upload. There's no limit on donations! Course Hero has already contributed more than 200,000 books to students and schools abroad.
4. Aside from Course Hero's benefits, I would also be willing to act as a work reference for any employment you pursue and would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation.

For more information you can contact me by email at: . If you are wanting to join my team then we will need to schedule a 1-1 meeting on campus so we can discuss the rewards, rules and regulations, and instructions on how you can upload documents.


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