Guerin Rife Two Bar Mallet Putter-Adjustable

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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GUERIN RIFE TWO BAR PUTTER - Adjustable - USED but in Good Condition
Includes weights and LieAline Accuracy Fitting System

Included with the 2 Bar Putter is a Speed Weight Kit, Lie Adjustment Tool

No matter what your handicap or personal preference the Two Bar putter has what your looking for. Whether its the patented RollGroove Technology which produces the truest no skid roll in golf , the 4-Point Stability Weighting that creates a high moment of inertia and an extra large sweet spot, the fully self adjustable lie angle and weight features or the built in alignment aids- the Two Bar is your answer!

True Forward Roll
The precisely milled grooves slightly press into the cover of the ball gripping and lifting it out of its own depression. As a result, the Two Bar putter only needs 1 degree of loft to simulate the same launch angle as traditional lofted putters (standard is 4 degrees) without the negative effects (backspin). The end result is a ball that launches into the air with a slight forward rotation instead of backspin. This eliminates the skipping and skidding created by traditional putters, creating a more consistent and accurate roll, every time.

Soft Feel
The grooves are 40/1000 wide and 20/1000 apart, which decreases the overall surface area of the putter by 2/3. With 2/3 less contact surface area of a conventional putter the ball feels softer coming off the face and this is a real feel not the fake feel created by face insert putters.

More Forgiving
When a ball is hit off-center, it will assume a slight-sidespin and takeoff on an undesired line to the hole. The immediate, no-skid roll produced by RollGrooves overrides sidespin from a miss hit and keeps the ball rolling along the target line.

Distance Control
Amateurs miss the majority of their putts below the hole because they don't understand or can't correctly read the direction of the greens grain. RollGroove Technology dramatically reduces the effects of grain by getting the ball rolling on top of the grass quicker with true forward roll, which decreases the friction with the grass. This means your ball will roll out truer and more consistently and your putts will catch the bottom lip of the cup instead of missing below the hole.
Conventional putter having 3 to 5 degrees of loft, hit the ball off the ground with a slight back roll. As the ball lands it skids across the putting surface before changing its back roll to forward roll. During this "skid zone" the grass grain interacts with the ball's dimpled surface and alters its direction and speed.

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