#1 Nashville Producer Offering Production Deal!

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Attention Vocalist/Songwriters!!

From Brentwood, TN based #1 Producer/Songwriter Robert Jason:

Have you at any time spent $10,000. . .and perhaps LOTS more on artist production, only to be totally disappointed at the resulting "recordings?"
In most cases, this is due to a so called "producer' with little or normal experience as a producer, but lots of marketing skill. I'll wager the weakest element of your productions concern the most important element (other than YOUR original song)..the lead VOCAL!!!
This should never be the case. Period. Please read below for a new opportunity to get your artistry the TLC it deserves: (with apologies for the lengthy explanation!)

I've decided to reward those who I have especially enjoyed working with, or whom I wish to establish a new artist/producer relationship.
Basically, I'm offering a complete 10 song CD production for only $6000. That's $600 per song for my services as Producer, plus expenses. This is 40% off my normal fee of 1k per song. As always, my fee includes A&R, arranging, producing, and engineering, comping/and tuning all vocals, my studio FREE, and, if necessary some subtle song "Doctoring."
Basically, anyone who works with me saves about $3750 just in studio time alone, considering each song takes about 5 hours of vocal production, including recording the vocal, "comping", editing, and tuning. @$75 per hour for 50 hours = $3750.) And, this doesn't include the possible hours for backing vocals (vocalists extra). I'm throwing those session hours in free.

OK. So WHY, you may ask am I offering this service? I do this so folks can get a REAL break on the cost of a REAL production. I promise you will experience what recording artists all over the world are accustomed to. First off, we spend a good amount of time over coffee working the vocal down to our track. Not recording. . .rehearsing. So, when we begin to record, you will feel confident, secure, empowered to present your artistry with total belief. The most convincing vocal performances begin and end this way. There is no glass partition between you and me, so communication is always immediate. BTW, notice I spend a LOT of time discussing the vocal process?

As a not so humble aside, I've produced 14 #1 singles in several genres, as well as co-writing 6 others, and a solo write #1 for the group Alabama, cuts with Reba, Barry White, Melissa Manchester, Marty Raybon, and others. I spent 18 years in Los Angeles prior to moving here with my family in 1993. I've produced hundreds of projects in all genres including pop contemporary, country, alternative, contemporary Christian, gospel and Americana/Bluegrass. Examples of my productions are on my website, robert jason dot com. (remove the spaces and the "dot")

Generally, expenses (musicians, backing singers, outside studio) per song can be anywhere from $400 (for me doing some keys, drums, bass, and an outside guitarist. . .all in house here), to about $1000 if we track live with 5 musicians in an outside studio. Another alternative is the so-called "Unplugged" productions. Basically, that's a piano or guitar vocal, with maybe an acoustic guitar, or strings. They generally run about $600 total (including a fee to me), and allow for the same time to vocalize. It's a great way to showcase your original songs and artistry. YOUR songs can then be presented to producers, publishers, and artists in a super musical, straight-forward manner, often best for "pitching."

BTW, as we all know, doing BUSINESS plays a big part in the success of an artist/songwriter. So, I will spend a fair amount of time answering all questions regarding pitching, publishing (I don't want yours), PRO affiliation (ASCAP/ BMI), and will provide some helpful links to publishers and record companies to get you going.

I'm also happy to start slowly. If you'd rather, we can work 3 songs at a time, if we're doing a 5 musician live tracking project. Or, we can work 1 song at a time if we're doing either an "In House" production, or "Unplugged" production.

I look forward to hearing from all interested in working with me, especially those who've been burned by so-called "producers" with little or no experience. I promise you a fun, rewarding, stress-free experience. Doing music should be the ultimate pleasure trip.

Respectfully, Robert Jason

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