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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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First, I would like to thank you for clicking and reading my posting all the way through as I know there are a lot of classifieds on Craig's list, and I appreciate your time.

I am a male currently living in Oakland, CA which I love more than anywhere I have ever lived in my life. There is a magic in Oakland and with the ups and downs it remains the most exciting catalyst for lifestyle changes and opportunities as well as an eye opener for anyone looking for a place to work hard at their hopes and dreams.

CURRENTLY SEEKING: I am currently seeking a new opportunity to dive into the deep end of as soon as possible. I have worked many odds and end jobs through my youth and started a career at the age of 21 which elevated until I became a Sr. Network Consultant for a Network Consulting firm in Chicago. I realized that even though I loved my job, I was facilitating law firms without knowing what their litigation entailed and received a great salary and bonuses without knowing if my help was for a good cause or if I was helping people that were destroying lives, etc. Anyhow, I moved to Oakland, CA , leaving all of my possessions, job, house, etc. behind to start over as a human, regain my time, and learn how to be a human from scratch. In doing so, I started into carpentry, remodelling, painting both houses and creatively, enhanced and continued music production, video editing, computer networking, planting/growing, composting, and helping anywhere that I could. I started a non-profit organization and helped many people by providing extra hands in working on their goals.

I am hoping in this post to find someone with space for myself, ideally a large space, where I can help to build a creative environment where art, music, growing, cooking, and dreams will be a focal point and a catalyst to a change in the community, society, and the entire world. A bedroom in a house, a warehouse, a cabin, or any place with at least power/water would work, but want to be able to live and work in this environment. The project could be large or small as personally I would only need a private room where I can have a bed, keep my clothes, art supplies, computers/music equipment, but do not need much space of my own unless there is a lot of space which I could put to good use. If the opportunity is a small bedroom, I can do most of my work anywhere that has power/water/internet, but if the space is larger such as warehouse style living, I can build, create, and help with anything that needs work.

My Projects: Painting: I have been creating many art pieces that I give away, sell, display in galleries, etc., and I am working on an online realm where these items can be viewed, sold, traded etc. Music Production: I have been working on music production since 1998 and have been a part of many albums. Currently I am working on several albums that I would like to put out as well as perform live. Non-Profit Collective: I created a non-profit creative collective in 2014 which I would like to continue to build the infrastructure and mold in hopes that someday I will be able to have a space where I can invite others to come be a part of a world-changing live/work collective where the quality of life, products, and services locally supported are more important than profits and finances. The society/community members are more important than the success from a business perspective. I am also involved in several housing endeavors, video editing/film work, web site building/administering, graphic design, and social engineering projects.

WHAT I OFFER: I offer help in your projects, carpentry, painting, animal care, house work, yard work, office work, technical work, cooking, conversation, friendship, brainstorming, organization, or anything else needed and feasible. I have also started departments for large companies that were successful so I can help with business, event production, promotions, marketing, and consulting in any fashion.

If you have any ideas or opportunities in which you feel I might be a good fit or a possibility of helping you or helping each other. Please email me, and lets talk as soon as possible, as my gears are running and my fire is blazing at the chance to put my motivation and inspiration into a new awesome situation where a win-win is a possibility for you and myself.

Thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon!

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