Black Lives Matter jerk in Montclair today

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
Category : General Community

This afternoon, Mountain Blvd., Montclair Village.

I had an ill 90 year old woman in my care, holding onto her so she would not fall, as I walked down the sidewalk. You approached me in a quick and aggressive manner, spinning a hard-bound black binder violently less than one foot from my face, yelling.

I don't know you, I am minding my own business AND have a frail elderly woman in my care, and you want to engage me about YOUR issue? And you nearly assault me?

How dare you.

Who the hell do you think you are TELLING me what I SHOULD or should not care about????!!!!

Walking back to our car, your cohort says something incoherent to us, and we say, "please don't talk to us." He/she then starts yammering about racism, then yells, "oh it's real hard to be white, right?". And, he/she is as white as our blond and blue, by the way.

How dare both of you.

Who or what gives you the right to tell us what we should care about? My priority is to take care of the elderly lady, and you put her in danger. Whatever YOUR issue is is NOT MY ISSUE, and you verbally assaulting us and scaring the old woman is criminal and disgusting. Last time I checked, we are living in America where people have a right to their own opinions and thoughts, and are supposed to be free to walk down a street without being assaulted physically OR verbally.

What YOU are doing is EXACTLY what you people complain about: you were making a judgement about us because of our skin color and our location. You ASSUMED we are rich, white people from Montclair, and you were locked and loaded to attack based on those assumptions. (and that is NO reason to attack people, by the way. No matter what race.)

We were actually passing through Montclair to get coffee, on our way home to VALLEJO. We don't even live in Montclair. Further, we are not rich, not even close. We are on disability, and my husband is a totally different race than myself. So everything you assumed was WRONG, you fools.

Further, you obviously weren't in Montclair to engage people in intelligent dialogue about your issue. NO. You were there to attack people for being a particular race - the VERY THING YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT. You were there to aggressively intimidate innocent people minding their own business. You have NO IDEA what each individual's story is - where they are actually from, what their income level is, what their actual race is, what they believe. You are simply judging people ON SKIN COLOR AND LOCATION ALONE, and you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

Newsflash: that is called RACISM, honey.

Ever heard the phrase "two wrongs don't make a right"?

Now we have experienced the judgmental, aggressive behavior of the Black Lives Matter group. The group that breaks windows and destroys property in Oakland. Now we know the juvenile, one-sided, violent, criminal, aggressive tactics of your group. And you expect us to CARE? Laughable.

Your behavior is divisive. Your point is lost because of your tactics. You cause people to turn away and not care about your issues. You judge based on skin color. You are hypocrites. You are a joke.

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