Sweetest free black kitten

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Hi there! In advance, thank you so much for clicking on my posting.
It's breaks my heart to be posting this, but I have a free black kitten to anyone who would provide her with a really loving home. She's just the sweetest cat I've ever met!! The rumble of her purr is very soothing. She loves to sit in your lap, to be held, to cuddle with you, and to sleep right next to you! She's so sweet and extremely affectionate!! She's right now responding actually to the name I've been calling her: Sweet Pea!! ;)
This is her story: I volunteer at the humane society, and this woman the other day came in with her. Unfortunately due to the town she lived in, the shelter couldn't take her. I happened to be standing right there, and I responded to the lady saying I could take her and I would find her a home -- she would be my responsibility.
This little kitty was being abused in the neighborhood she was from; she didn't have a home, and the nearest shelter she could have gone to would have been an hour away. The lady couldn't make that trip. I felt obligated to take her. I adore cats (that's why I volunteer there).
So; as to MY situation, I can't keep her. I can't even type that without my eyes swelling up with tears. It's due to my living circumstances-- not only am I currently living in a very small room, but I'm also not allowed to have cats. My boyfriend wasn't too thrilled when he came home from work and there was a little kitty on our bed. It probably wasn't the most responsible decision to make (telling the lady I could take her), but my heart broke and in the back of my mind I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep her but the very least I could do was find her a home that could take her.
I've gotten to know her over these last few days and she's honest to god just the sweetest little kitty ever. She's probably about three months old. She loves to sleep! She gets a little playful at night! :) I've been keeping her indoors, but if you're looking for a sweet cat that you will fall right in love, she's the one for you!
Call me with any questions and pass this message along to your friends if you would kindly please! I would appreciate it!
God; I wish I could keep her and I've been begging my boyfriend but to keep her would be to neglect the stress it's putting on him, and I too know we can't have a kitty. It's just so difficult and I meant well in taking her.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Again my phone number is:
--- call anytime! My name is joy! Thank you so much again.

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