Beware- children place of fun (sycarmore view)

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
Category : Childcare

Just because it is very cheap does NOT for one second mean that it is worth it because in the end your child will NOT be Mesha's priority, Nor will the fact that you need to be on time for work and are a fixed budget. Just Beware!

Just wanted to warn all the mothers out there who are trying to catch a break on childcare. There is a "babysitter" named MESHA that lives in the Edgewater apartments that has an ad on here for childcare for $60 dollars a week or $125 a month. My 2 year old twins started with her two weeks ago and have been with her for 7 days out of the two weeks as well as my Oldest daughter who is in the 1st grade went to her apt for after care. Yes, it is a cheap way out because she gives a cheap rate but 3 days out of the past two weeks I had to find another sitter and pay them to watch my kids because Mesha cancelled on me. One was because she had a birthday party for her son and the other her son swallowed a penny. Any parent knows that kids are going to put things in their mouth and at least once in their life swallow a coin. As long as the child is not choking there is nothing that can be done other than the child has to pass it through their stool. She called me an hour before I was supposed to drop my kids off and be at work to tell me she was at the hospital having her son checked out even though he was fine. I understand being paranoid about your kids but it alarmed me that she didn't know what to do in that situation, what if something happened to my kids while in her care, she wouldn't know what to do. She told me she would be home and that I could drop them off but she never showed up. Had me late for work because I had to drive across town and pay someone else to watch them. Then later in the day when my oldest daughter was supposed to be dropped off for after care she would not answer her phone but text saying she would be home shortly. I ended up having to bring my daughter back to work with me and I work for a hospice company. I asked her if she could please let me know when she got home so that I could bring my daughter and not have her at my workplace and she still would not answer. When she finally did answer she stated that her son who is autistic comes before any other kid and she had to talk to his teacher. Before I had the agreement that she would be the sitter for my kids she swore up and down that I would not have any problems with drop off times because the school bus picks her son up from the front door of her apartment and drops him off at the door of her apartment. One morning when I went to drop my 2 year old daughters off she called me and said she was at the store but I could still drop the girls off because her brother was home with the other kids. I was not comfortable leaving my kids there with him mostly because he had no idea where she had went off to, so I stayed until she showed up, making me late. After all of this I told Mesha that I will no longer be using her services and asked for her to refund half of my money back since my kids were with her for less than HALF of the month that I paid her for and she refused. Stating that she used the money for food and that she would not be giving me my refund. I just wanted to warn you all, there is also a mother that drops her infant child off there and leaves her there for days at a time with no contact with Mesha which is alarming for me and I have a feeling that soon Child protective services will be called and get involved with this "so called" home daycare. Please think twice.

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