Jets Spraying- Look Up See The Jets Spraying( carcinogens)

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for todays jet/plane engines to to leave a "vapor" trail, if you can SEE a trail coming from a jet/plane it is ALWAYS a chemical trail - our military is SPRAYING US WITH HEAVY METAL CHEMICALS ( carcinogens,molds,virus's ...... ) - WAKE UP PLEASE -

or dont you think our government would harm us without asking us first ?

AS OUR TOWERING OAKS AND ALL OTHER TREES ARE BEING DESTROYED - leaves turning brown and limbs falling off every tree - heavy metals (aluminum we are being sprayed with prevent the trees /plants from absorbing water & nutrients , the trees are dying a starvation death )

THE JETS ARE SPRAYING US ALL WITH BIOLOGICAL AGENTS & NO ONE NOTICES ( aluminum,barium,strontium,lithium,lead,tin,molds & virus's) leave a clear clean bowl of water outside and afetr the rain it will be FILLED WITH MOLD - that is falling down on us from the jets spraying - we are being sprayed every day & every night - LOOK UP for God's sake and watch them spraying us .

A jet / plane engine is 100% INCAPABLE of leaving a "vapor trail" - means if you SEE a trail being left by any jet/plane - it is ALWAYS A SPRAYED CHEMICAL TRAIL

studies show that trees are dying en masse at 10 times the normal rate - we are all being SPRAYED- our CHILDREN are being sprayed with heavy metals ( CARCINOGENS- CANCER CAUSING AGENTS ) - LOOK UP

What In The World Are the Spraying


TREES DYING EN MASS : heavy metal poisoning of the soil is causing the trees to die a starvation death , the aluminum causing them to not be able to absorb water & nutrients - notice limbs falling off everywhere , leaves drying up and falling off . PLEASE LOOK UP SEE THE JETS SPRAYING US ALL - WE NEED YOUR HELP TO STOP THIS MADNESS-

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