Izzy Catahoula 48 pounds 2-3 yrs old

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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48 pounds
2-3 yrs old

Izzy is a beautiful young, former mommy, now spayed, probably around 2-3 years old. We adopted one of her puppies named Oreo and then we were taking care of Izzy while her milk dried up and we fell in love with her too. We have an 8 year old dog named Bamboo whom we adopted as a pup. My sister didn't think it was an ideal fit but I loved her so much I wanted to try it.

As it turns out there is a lot of tension between Izzy and Bamboo and Izzy gets overprotective around her daughter Oreo. Oreo and Bamboo get along fine as long as Izzy is not involved. There have been a few situations where we have been caught off guard and Bamboo has gotten beat up as then both dogs get into a pack mentality against Bamboo. For the most part they have been good with our 3 cats but recently the pack mentality has shown itself with them as well. As much as I want to keep Izzy, I need to rehome her for the sake of our older dog Bamboo and the cats. Izzy is a great dog but as with many animals, she needs the right environment. We exercise our dogs well and give them enrichment and even with training it is just not good chemistry.

Izzy's ideal home would be an only dog who will need to be crated while you are out because she gets nervous and chews on things (shoes, personal items, you never really know). She would probably be OK with a large, easy going male dog though she does resource guard her toys. She is crate trained and will come with an extra large airline crate where she feels comfortable.

She is a sweet dog but will bark at strangers. She seems okay with our cats as long as other dogs are not ganging up and chasing them. Usually she ignores them, but if one dog starts chasing them, she joins in. She has had lots of close contact with our tabby cat and she's fine with him.

She seemed to cling to me, being a female and while she has come to be closer with my husband she seems a little more nervous around men. She is medium plus for activity. She would do best with walking, jogging or some sort of daily activity to help with her anxiety and just for the fact that she is young and energetic.

Her barking level is medium but when I call her she comes. I would love to home her with someone who works at home if possible. As do most dogs, she likes companionship. Her daily activity is being with me and alone 3-4 days out of the week for a few hours. She is very smart and very loyal and would be a great companion dog and a good dog to do training and maybe even agility with.

If you think you have a better home for her please contact Seena and we will discuss your situation. She has so many good characteristics and could flourish in the right home.


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