Kubota M5140 Cab/air Tractor 52hp 4wd Front End Loader 144Hrs!

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
Category : Farm Garden By Dealer

Kubota M5140 CAB/AIR Diesel Tractor, 52 Horse Power Diesel Engine, 4 Wheel Drive, Front End Loader, Mechanical Shuttle Shift Transmission, ONLY 144 HOURS!! .Excellent Condition... Your Grandchildren will be using this Tractor!!! .... Cost over $38,000... Sacrifice for $23,900... I'm in Baton Rouge... Delivery Available.... Thanks Terry

I Also Have The Following Tractors For Sale. . . Text Email Address For Pics..

Tractors 18HP - 29HP
John Deere 650, 17HP, 4WD, Belly Mower, 482Hrs, $5900
Kubota BX1830, 18HP, 4WD, Loader, Hydrostatic, Belly Mower, 480Hrs, $10,900
Kubota BX1870, 18HP, 4WD, Loader, Hydrostatic, 34Hrs, $10,900
Kubota BX2360, 23HP, 4WD, Loader, Hydrostatic, Belly Mower, 420Hrs, $11,900
Kubota BX2370, 23HP, 4WD, Loader, Hydro, 39Hrs, $12,900
John Deere 2210, 24HP, 4WD, Loader, Belly Mower, Hydrostatic, 609Hrs, $10,900
John Deere 2305, 24HP, 4WD, Belly Mower, Hydrostatic, 229Hrs, $8900
John Deere 2305, 24HP, 4WD, Loader, 538Hrs, $10,900
Kubota BX25, 25HP, 4WD, Loader & Backhoe, 110Hrs, $15,900
Kubota B26, 26HP, 4WD, Loader, Backhoe, 1330Hrs, $19,900
2015 John Deere 1026R, 26HP, 4WD, 5Hrs, $13,900
John Deere 4200, 26HP, 4WD, Loader, 670Hrs, $11,900

Tractors 30HP - 39HP
John Deere 790, 30HP, 4WD, Loader, 670Hrs, $12,900
New Holland TC30, 30HP, 2WD, 960Hrs, $6900
Kubota L3800, 38HP, 4WD-R1, Loader, 385Hrs, $16,900

Tractors 40HP - 49HP
Massey Ferguson 1643, 43HP, CAB/AIR, 648Hrs, $26,950
John Deere 5045D, 45HP, 4WD, Loader, 28Hrs, $24,900
New Holland TT45A, 45HP, 2WD, Loader, 480Hrs, $14,900
Kubota L4600, 46HP, 2WD, 108Hrs, Warranty til 2017, $13,900
Kubota L4600, 46HP, 4WD, Loader, 169Hrs, $22,900
Kubota L4701, 47HP, 4WD, Loader, HST, 85Hrs, $24,900
Kubota MX4700, 48HP, 2WD, Heavy Duty Bumper, 95Hrs $13,900

Tractors 50HP - 59HP
Kubota MX5000, 51HP, 2WD, Loader, Shuttle Shift, 830Hrs, $14,900
Kubota MX5100, 52HP, 2WD, Shuttle Shift, 185Hrs, $14,900
Kubota MX5100, 52HP, 2WD, Loader, Shuttle Shift, 798Hrs, $16,900
Kubota MX5100, 52HP, 4WD-R4, Loader, Hydrostatic, 269Hrs, $24,900
Kubota MX5100, 52HP, 4WD-R4, Loader, Shuttle Shift, 63Hrs, $25,900
Kubota M5140, 52HP, CAB/AIR, 4WD, Loader, Mechanical Shuttle, 144Hrs, $33,900
New Holland Workmaster 55, 55HP, 4WD, Loader, Mechanical Shuttle, 586Hrs, $23,900
Kubota M5640SU, 56HP, 2WD, Canopy, 140Hrs, $16,900

Tractors 60HP - 69HP

Tractors 70HP - 79HP
Kubota M6800, 70HP, 2WD, CAB/AIR, Loader, Mechanical Shuttle, 810Hrs, $25,900
New Holland Workmaster 75, 75HP, 2WD, Loader, 842Hrs, $17,900
John Deere 5075E, 75HP, 4WD, Loader, 710Hrs, $26,900

Tractors 80HP - 110HP
2013 John Deere 5093E, 93HP, 4WD, CAB/AIR, Loader, PowerReverser, 1350Hrs, $44,900
2013 Kubota M9960, 100HP, CAB/AIR, 4WD, Loader, Hydraulic Shuttle, 238Hrs $48,900
Case IH Farmall 105U, 105HP, CAB/AIR, 4WD, Quickie Loader, Hydraulic Shuttle, 910Hrs, $49,900
2013 Kubota M110X, 110HP, CAB/AIR, 4WD, Loader, Hydraulic Shuttle, 506Hrs, $55,900

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