beautiful tame indian ringneck to good home

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Arnie is a sixth month old grey indian ringneck parrot that loves people, other birds, and other animals. My husband and I have spent a great deal of time learning what foods he likes and providing him with play and love. he loves his toys but usually we have to add things to them ha ha and he loves to just joke around by pulling my glasses off or spitting pieces of treats at us and mimicking noises!

Arnie can talk and knows his name very well. he has an exceptional sense of identity as well as the identity of his owners! He often will gently say 'hi' when I uncover him or sometimes wave. he understands 'visitArnie?' in which he steps up onto my shoulder from the open top of his cage and we take a stroll or have good company with my husband on the sofa, 'no biting Arnie', a firm 'no..' or 'Stop that' since we have a service animal and he copies her commands. Some people have expressed ringnecks are loud Arnie isn't unless spooked or he is looking to wake up/looking for us because he gets lonely and emotional very easily. we have a hunch this may be due to some training methods they were using at the pet store that only made him view his cage as a bad place and wing clipping as something to fear (even though I deposited my entire fund owed on him after telling them firmly 'don't touch 'MY' bird she clipped his wings anyway and they were done wrong).

Even though these things may have happened with the store he has been retrained by me who also trains both dogs... and cats for service work using their own behavior as the ticket to bonding and hes now very tame and very happy to step up on anyone's hand and give them many 'kisses' or even preen their hair greatful for the love and support he's been shown here even with our service kitty Ellie who treats him kindly like a friend.

Unfortunately I have gone through several life changes which have taken a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis from remission out of that and I have been almost constantly bedridden for almost two months which is very upsetting to Arnie since he sees me as the 'leader' (my husband loves birds but doesn't have the same time to give him the support I have.) As much as I love him I cry for him and know it wouldn't be fair to keep him.

You'll receive the following:

His DNA report
His health and hatch date documentation from avian vet William Benner
Many perches (some are handmade)
the training book I used(as much I am very experienced the store made his case difficult)
his cage (open play dome top 25" since he's still a baby)
treats multiple types
and of course... Arnie (we paid $500 for him initially)

Arnie needs to be with someone who has experience with birds, not just a teen that this is their first pet. People often get parrots not realizing that they are a lot of work. He should never be alone with very small children that are loud as he may get spooked but if supervised he will be gentle enough to take a peanut right from their little fingers without touching them one bit or even stepup (my smallest grand daughter is five and held Arnie!) He would do best somewhere quiet since sounds he cannot figure out the source of if their loud make him very nervous. He's such a goober and so worth the time!

Rehoming fee $400 NON NEGOTIABLE


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