Rehoming by any other name (for sale) matters Not

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Kittens? Rehoming fee? It's called "The Law of Supply and Demand".
People want kittens.
Kittens are hard to come by.
Shelters often charge exorbitant fees and treat people who may have very good, if not misguided intentions like CRAP. Seriously, you often DO. Rudely.
People SELL kitties with what's referred to as a "rehoming fee."
It may be to ensure that the new owner's truly interested...
It may be to make money. Uh huh.
The cat may come with previous medical care-or none!
It's a crap shoot, and the buyer is taking a chance, JUST like an adopter at a rescue shelter TAKES A CHANCE. They may offer spay or neuter (60-85.00 at Dakin) and they may offer a free vet visit....
But it's still taking a chance.
I prefer to see shelter rescues, myself. I prefer to know that all cats are indoors and spayed. I insist these things for my own cats.
But stop with the shaming, really. It smacks of obsessive self interest in ones' own ventures.
'REHOMING FEE' is JUST A PHRASE; the phrase describes selling, which operates by
SUPPLY...and demand.

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