55 Gallon Blue Closed Head Barrels

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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I have several of 55 gallon blue close barrel ready for pickup and delivery.
These barrels are food grade and have been only used once. They have been stored indoors and are like new. The barrels had DA (Specially Denatured Alcohol) 38-B which is pure ethanol (grain alcohol) with a variety of additives to make it unsafe/unpalatable for drinking. It is used in cosmetics, mouthwashes, etc.. I checked with a pharmacist and he says to just wash out the barrels with detergent and then rinsing it thoroughly with plain water to make them ready to go.

The more you buy the more you save!
$20 for one, $18 each for two, $17 each for three to five, and ...
$95 for six ($15.83 each) when purchased at the same time.

What can you build with a 55 gallon plastic barrel:
-Wicking beds and self-watering plant pots
-Earth Box
-Compost barrel
-Dog House
-A raised bed
-Rain Barrel
-Floating Dock
-Outdoor Furniture

For an extra charge I can give your the materials and/or know how to make your own 55 gallon rain barrel. The rain barrels work great to catch rain off of your roof.
We have several of these at my place and usually about 1/2" of rain will fill them.
Having the rain barrels save me some money on my water bill.

Now what could you do with that water. Here are a few suggestions.
-$ave money by not having to use city water
-Wash your car, windows, or other areas of your home.
-Water the garden. Plants prefer rain water (no chemicals in rain water like tap water has) rain water soaks into the ground better than tap water
-Fill your swimming pool or hot tub. . ..
-Build a Rain Barrel Potting Bench.

What can you do with rain water?
-Wash tools, pets, floors, walls, remove spots from rugs, rinse hair (naturally conditioning).
-Try heating some for the softest bath ever.
-House plants benefit from soft rain water & our orchids do best with it. It is great for washing cars, boats, and windows. Because it has not been "softened" chemically, it won't leave "lime" spots. Goldfish swim happily in it.
-It is superior for keeping compost moist, and is recommended for vermiculture (worm composting).

For $15 and up I can deliver the rain barrel to your home in the Des Moines Area.

For an additions cost we can build a rain barrel potting bench and custom paint the barrels.

We would be glad to help with setting up rain barrels with a PVC Plastic Irrigation Pipe (PIP) to water your garden or flowers for extra cost depending on the options you would like.

Please text or email me what (blue 55 gallon barrels) and how many you would like.

Payments are to be in CASH unless you do the Bill Me Later option below.

No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 Months with Bill Me Later

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