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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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LOST PET? Read this valuable information to help you find them, posted on
by Moon (from K9 Search and Rescue:

Keep a journal. Where you searched, who you talked with, when you did your search. Where you search. What you've been told by whom? etc. (Who what when where why and how). Where have the sightings been? When? Etc.

Search into the wind. All animals will head into wind. This is how they detect food, water, danger. Go to where the pet was last seen. Step outside. Turn around 360 degrees. Determine which direction the wind is coming from. Head INTO THE WIND.

Leave a urine trail back home. This will keep your pet in the area and bring them home if they are just out on a walk about. Pee in a spray bottle. Mix your urine with water. Doesn't matter the mixture ratio. Leave a spray trail coming home from the North, South, East, And West. Once squirt every 6 feet the size of a quarter. Do not go from the home out. You want your pet to came back not go away. Go 6 city blocks and leave a trail going into the direction of your home. If the pet is lost away from the home, then follow my guidelines on making a temp shelter where the pet was lost. Leave something from home (pet's toys, food, bedding, your soiled clothing, urine) in the immediate area along with large signs of the missing pet.

Dogs are usually found within 3 mile radius. Figure out which direction the wind is coming from. Head that way.
Cats Check under decks, RV's, attics, Crawl spaces, under hoods, neighbors yards, homes. 6 block radius. Most head into the wind. Up trees. They will leave the home if there is turmoil or if there is a pregnant woman in the house.

Post big signs "A" Frame type 3' x 3' bright color in the area. These can be seen by motorist. The little 8" x 11" computer paper size are good for mail boxes, store windows etc.

Check ads on under lost and found and under PETS.
Check ads in the newspaper under lost and found and pets for sale.

Go to the shelters in PERSON. Don't ever take their word that they don't have your pet. Check dead on arrivals, sick and injured, quarantine, adoption and destroy files. Check neighboring county shelters as well. North, South, East and West.

Beware of Scams. We list them in detail on our site.
Don't Send anyone your money until you physically see your pet first.
How long does trackable scent last? We've successfully tracked both missing persons and lost pets up to a year after they have disappeared.
Go to
to view our results.
Rain and snow actually helps us track scent. Heat can dry it out.

K9 Search and Rescue
K9 Search and Rescue SAR Dogs offer services for finding lost people, lost pets and help in emergencies and natural disasters.

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