Little Lost Dog Red/Brown Dog $$$ Reward

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
Category : Lost Found

LOST DOG. On June 20th our recently adopted pound puppy Mouse ran away from our dogsitter in Visitacion Valley (Girard/Dwight). He is still lost. He is ~6 lbs, red/brown Miniature Pinscher (MinPin) with a black nose. He has vasculitis in his ears and has been without his medicine for too long, so his ears probably have scaly scabs. He is MICROCHIPPED. There is a $$. REWARD for a confirmed (photo, with date/location) sighting and of course there is a substantial $$$$.REWARD for his safe return. No questions asked.

Our most reliable sightings place him on the Excelsior side of McLaren Park, through the golf course. Recently, his breakaway safety collar was recovered near the Jerry Garcia ampitheater in McLaren Park. That's off-leash dog area and he was wearing a black harness when he took off, so if you see him don't assume his owner is just out of sight! Also? Thanks in advance for not emailing me and suggesting that he's been eaten by coyotes; until I see a body, I am going to keep hope alive, okay? Trust me, I don't need anyone's help to imagine all kinds of horrible scenarios.

We have also had some promising sightings near Geneva/Bayshore, and around the Cow Palace. He does not respond to his name, but he may be tempted by food- he loves sidewalk cuisine, and is no stranger to dumpsters. Before we adopted him from the shelter in San Jose, he was a stray. He's wily and resourceful. Don't count this little dude out!

Thank you to everyone who looks out for lost pets. At this point, it is highly unlikely that Mouse will be recovered by me, walking through McLaren Park with a squeaky toy and a bag of treats. If we get him back, it will be because some kind soul finds him and tries to help him find his family. Recently, I've had a number of close calls with people on and PetHarbor reaching out to me because they have found a little red MinPin...those dogs were not our Mouse, but they are SOMEBODY'S dog and they will get home because good people stepped up and helped. Each of these calls fans the spark of hope I still have. I believe in good, kind people. I believe in serendipity. Until proven wrong, I refuse to believe my little Mouse's life ended as coyote chow.

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