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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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What strange times we live in. You call someone to come and take a look at your challenge and they never call back, don't show up, never even attempt to serve a customer. At our company our motto is "We still care about people". We WILL show up, we WILL call and we WILL give you a free estimate. We WILL tell you if the job is too big for us, or if you need another professional and we have friends in construction who WILL call you and give you an estimate.

Are contractors that rich that they can just toss work aside? Well, it doesn't matter. The American Masonry Company will show up. We promise to get the work done on time, within budget (unless there is an unforseen problem behind the damage/no one has x-ray eyes) and with a guarantee.

That crumbling chimney, the cracked driveway or sidewalk, brick wall or block needs attention before it turns into a 2-10 thousand dollar problem. Call us, let us give you some options, let us help you decide the best way to overcome the challenge. No high pressure tactics, no flim flam, no jargon you can't understand; just one common person to the next common person that realizes all people really want is to be respected.

The pictures you see above? The homeowner was quoted low and out of the ball park! One never called him back, one wanted to take 4 times the cost of the job. We came in at a fair market price, showed up when we said we would, did the job in a day, cleaned up and offered something over and above. We hand cleaned all the river rock sitting in the bed below the brick, reset the edging for FREE. That took two more hours to do, but the job would not have been done RIGHT. We think you will appreciate the extra's we do, because we appreciate the fact you gave us something to help build and keep our reputation on.

So....what are you waiting for? Let's get started!!!

Call the owner; C.J. at

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