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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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There is no other company like Thrive Life in the world! When you join our team, you become part of an organization committed to helping individuals in many different ways. We are passionate about excellence, product innovation, and changing lives throughout the world. At Thrive Life, we don't just offer superior products, we offer a thriving lifestyle.

The position of Customer Service Manager carries with it a substantial responsibility in the overall success of the company. Although we can put much of your job description down on paper, it should be expected that there will be many unforeseen responsibilities that will fall under your scope of leadership.

Listed below are some of the foreseeable responsibilities:

Customer Service
Customer Service is a critically important aspect to every business--especially for a company involved in Direct Sales. Everything from a consultant's experience on the phone, email, chat, facebook, and in person determines what they think about us and will influence their feelings on their chances of building a successful business. A few critical areas in establishing an industry-leading Customer Service experience include:
Customer Experience -- taking a proactive approach in finding ways to make the customers experience better and managing those projects
Customer Service Training for all Staff: Training for new hires and continual improvement training for experienced staff.
Manage Department budget -- this is primarily managing the payroll expenses for this department to make sure that the number of workers supports the sales growth.
Proactive interaction with high performing consultants -- outbound calls to recognize and encourage top performers.
Escalated Issues -- Although supervisors will deal with most escalated calls, the CS manager will occasionally have to deal with the most difficult situations.
Cross-departmental customer related issues -- The CS manager spends a lot of time working with the managers from other departments to resolve issues that are widespread and not isolated to one customer.

The Customer Service Department will have many opportunities to drive sales and must always be looking for those chances and be prepared to capitalize on them. Below are a few areas to concentrate on:
Upsells : Every interaction with a consultant or customer should include some suggestions for additional products or accessories.
General Sales Training: Many people understand customer service principles, but struggle with basic sales principles. Ongoing training for the staff will be important to achieving goals in this area.
Sales and Marketing Materials: The Customer Service Department has access to many different forms of sales and marketing materials, if they are utilized properly. Ensure that all staff know what is available, work with the Marketing Department to produce any material that would increase sales or customer service and make sure our customers have access to the materials that are available.

Operations Management
No amount of customer service or sales will compensate for inadequate operations management. The Customer Service Department has many critical operational responsibilities to ensure the entire company is operating smoothly and efficiently. Below are some of the major operational responsibilities:
Standard Operating Procedures: Maintaining a current database of SOP's will ensure quick training and turnover recovery. It will also be a great reference when operational issues do occur.
Overall Efficiency: The Customer Service Department will be one of the largest departments in the company. Ensuring optimal efficiency to control labor costs and increase customer satisfaction will be paramount to success in this position.
Kaizens -- Thrive Life has a culture of constant improvement. The CS manager is critical in helping the CS team always find ways to improve.
Considering the significance of your position to the success of the company, it will be imperative that you work effectively with your co-workers and company executives to achieve desired results.

Must have strong management experience and be able to direct the work of a large organization. Must be able to provide vision and set expectations. Must be able to hire the right people that fit the Thrive Life culture.

5-8 years management experience
Management experience in the customer service field is preferred

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