Tennessee Walker Gelding Sale or Trade

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Approx. 15.2Hh (Has not been sticked, that's my vet's estimate)
Solid black, not a white hair anywhere on him. (Cheap camera. He's not that sun-bleached. Red tips on forelock and a few on mane.)

Named Trax. Vet said he's between 10 and 12, so we split the difference and call him 11 years old.

Great ground manners, respects your space, good for farrier and vet, comes in from back of 5 acre pasture when called by name (usually) Stands for grooming, no problems with cleaning feet. Stands in open run-in untied for tick inspection, running my hands all over his body. Never ever kicks, I'm completely comfortable touching every part of him from behind. Very good boy!

TLDR: Respectful, sweet, willing to learn. For someone who knows how to get the most from a gaited horse, He'd be wonderful. I do not know how and he's being wasted standing in my pasture.

Bathed him with sprayer on hose; helper holding. Stood perfectly still on left. Danced a couple times on right, but behaved well.

He needs to be ridden 3-4 times a week. I don't have that kind of time and he's getting too much energy just standing in the pasture. He's about 75 pounds overweight right now, from just standing around eating grass, not working.
Goes well under saddle after he's been worked with frequently.
He was a great ride when I rode every weekend or so in nice weather, but I haven't ridden in 6-8 weeks or so, he's over-energetic right now. (Just rode for ~ 20 minutes, but only at a walk, just for a little exercise)

He's just above my experience and comfort level. I need something more calm and laid back.
I fell for his beauty without considering his need for frequent workouts.

Direct reins, I ride him with a western saddle. Came with a curb it that will go with him, but it doesn't fit him well, rubs his mouth on the sides. I tried a bitless bridle (Dr. Cook) on him because of the badly fitting curb, and got a buck when I tried to hold back a full gallop. He was too fresh from not being ridden for several weeks, but now I have to say he has bucked once. Relatively gentle buck, back legs only and I stayed on (I'm not skilled) just wanted to go faster than I did, and I was trying to hold him back.

Needs a more experienced and frequent rider than me. He wants to "Go, go go" And Go Often! Strangely enough, he's happy to let my pokey Morgan lead and he follows, until he gets warmed up and I ask him to fast walk/run.

Gets along well with my gelding, can be pushy with him (but not with people. He's gentle & respectful taking a treat and a pat from my small granddaughter)

I do not know how he loads, but he just stepped off like a gentleman when he was brought to me.
I have no way to transport.

Up to date on all shots and wormers. (Fecal results in his paperwork. 0 after worming so no resistances)
Teeth floated, tear ducts flushed and sheath cleaned on Spring visit with his shots.
I did not draw a coggins, but am happy to if you want to pay for it.
Vet check welcome at buyers expense, I'm happy to give your Vet my Vet's contact info.

Farrier visits for trim every 7 weeks. Great feet. He's barefoot.
Price pretty firm. He's a handsome boy and a nice ride when ridden frequently.

Update: After 7-8 weeks (I forget exactly) off, Rode July 5th for 20 minutes (too hot outside for me) in open pasture with curb bit; another rider on Morgan in the lead. Fiery but held at a walk, lots of sidestepping but did well. No buck. Accepted, after just a couple of sidesteps, sponging off with water & scraping after ride.

***Or will trade for calm, steady WESTERN horse;
"Western" Definition: Neck Reins! Move their shoulders away from leg in front of the girth, hip away from leg behind the girth, move shoulders away from 'neck rein'.

doesn't need to be gaited (actually prefer not); that will be a good mount after standing in the pasture for 2 months (or more) off without doing groundwork.
Needs to be able to carry 200 pound rider. (Novice Husband)
Must be good with other horses. We plan on group trail rides in a year or two.

Quarter, Grade, Appy, (Not a Paint fan, but will consider) don't care, just good ground manners (I do handle them twice a day; feet, grooming, checking body for ticks and injuries, scratches and such.)

I need relaxed, calm ride after standing in the pasture for weeks. No bucks. Not older than mid-teens.
Novice, VERY passive rider.

We ride usually twice a month for about an hour. If it's too hot or too cold we might go 2 1/2 months without riding at all.
Nice calm ride and friendly on the ground horse is a MUST.
Prefer gelding, as I'm not sure I could handle a mare in the pasture with my very laid back Morgan gelding. I have no way to transport.

Please email or text first. I don't hear well and talking on the phone with me you will have to repeat yourself a lot.
Thank you for your time.

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