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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening!

Thank you in advance for the time you will put in to reading this ad!

I created a brand new company, with the help of a few other's, that will be having it's GRAND OPENING in December 2015! ACCEPTING application's NOW! Staff member's will need to help us prepare for the Grand Opening as well as receive a minimum of 2 weeks of training before the Grand Opening!

I need a few select Part Time staff and 1 to 4 Full Time Staff Member's!

I am looking for very particular people who are; Intelligent, Creative, Honest, Loyal, Compassionate, Understanding and with a Moral Compass that always shows true north! I need people who are fast learner's who have the natural talent at being MULTI TASKER's! I am looking for people who are experienced and knowledgeable in the field that they are applying for! However, I am more than willing to teach and train the right people; so even if you only have a little bit of experience or knowledge please do not think you aren't qualified. The most important aspect that I am looking for is people who are willing to be better than they are, meaning; I want you to advance through my company, I want you to take some courses or even get a degree or license; especially if it is one that would work well in my company! I want and need people who are willing to work hard knowing that they will be rewarded, in time; for their dedication and work ethic!

Every person is being hired at the same starting rate! Whether you are cleaning, cooking, driving, interacting with guests, answering the phone, maintaing the building or the property or assissting in the office! I created a starting wage that I felt was fair to every field of expertise and am offering an incentive package that gives quarterly raises AND if you prove your loyalty for a minimum of 2 years, you would be given the oppurtunity to have a percentage of ownership!

Please be knowledgeable, experienced or able to learn at least TWO different Job Title's!
(Part-time position's can be full-time position's for the RIGHT PEOPLE!)

1) Office Assisstant: (This is a part time position!) Must be able to use a computer and the programs needed to manage business operation's. Must be monetarily scrupulous and efficient. Must be able to assisst with scheduling and payroll/budgeting. *IF you have Advertising, Marketing or Web Page Desining and Management experience you would be given priority!*

2) Licensed Driver: (This is a split shift position!) Must be personable and professional! Must be able to drive a large Van or small Bus and must have a clean driving record!

3) Prep Cook: (This is a part-time position!) Must be able to prep all food prior to the meal time and must be able to assist the Head Chef/Cook while they are preparing the meal. Must be willing to also bus any area that is needed as well as washing dishes!

4) Chef or Head Cook: (This is a split shift position!) {It is very hard to describe the type of cook I am looking for... :/ ... but, lets give this a try!) I want someone who can cook the way I do! I want our food to taste like heaven and sin at the same time! I want our food to be packed with layers of flavor so delicious that our guests will be sad they ate it all and will want more! I need you to follow a recipe, but to use it as a guideline and not as a rule! I want you to have kitchen experience in the sense that I need you to know how to "dance" in a kitchen. You do not have to have years of professional cooking experience and to be honest, I would seriously hire any individual who just cooks as a hobby! I need a person who has the passion for creating and cooking food, who puts love into every meal! You CAN taste it when someone cooks with passion and love!

5) Babysitter's: (This is an ON-Call position! This position will have it's up's and down's. There will be times in which I will have to have many babysitter's at a time and then there will be times I won't need a sitter at all! All of our sitter's MUST be able to pass a background check! I would request that you had at least 3 years of experience babysitting children that were NOT related to you! (On a side note, I also have a sister company that is a Licensed Day Care facility and IF you were interested in at least part time hours and willing to work for me and my sister company than an agreement could be made special!) ****IMMEDIATE OPENING IN SISTER COMPANY***

6) Dogsitter's: (This is an ON-Call position!)This position will have it's up's and down's, too. There will be times in which I will have to have many dogsitter's at a time and then there will be times I won't need a sitter at all! You must also be able to pass a background check and prove you are able to interact respectfully, kindly, and dominantly with many different breeds of dog's. If you have pet sat or dog walked or have experience interacting with animals then you will be given priority!

7) Event Coordinator's: (This is a part-time position!) (hehehe) NOW this job is a very unique one! ;) I need someone who can think outside of the box when creating our events! You will need to be an effective task organizer! You will need to always be aware of budget and must never go over our budget, which is why I also need you to be creative, spontaneous and imaginative! There is always an affordable way to have an amazing time, we just have to think of it! In the beginning we will offer an EVENT once a month, normally coordinating with a holiday. As word get's out on how awesome our event's are I predict we will then be hosting special event's for our guests!

8) Every Season Tour Guide's: (This is an ON-Call position!) I need up to a few people who can assist in coordinating hikes for all types of adventurer's, or to be guides for snow sports and water sports! You would be given special priority if you had any Adventure Ed Certificates or Licenses or Degree's.

9) Cleaning and Sanitizing Specialist: (This is a part-time position!) I would prefer that you had professional cleaning experience of at least 3 years. You must be able to turn down a bed efficiently and in a timely manner. Must be willing to use any chemical that is needed to SANITIZE the entire building; including bleach! I also need you to be able to do laundry, wash, dry, fold or iron!

10) All around Handyman and Property Manager: (This is a part-time position!) I honestly have a few applicant's for this job already but IF any person applying for any of the other position's who is also experienced and knowledgeable with maintaining a yard and building you would be given special priority!

*******Bear with me just a bit longer.... WE ARE ALMOST DONE!**** :-D

and FINALLY.... I have 4 bed's available in my staff room for affordable accomodation's! IF anyone applying for any of the position's above would also love or need to have a place to call home wanted to live and work here, they can! The staff member's that live on the facility will be given 40 hours per week and will be given a 50% discount on ALL of our EXTRA amenities! The STAFF QUARTER's are for ADULT's ONLY! Couples are welcome but our staff room can not accomodate children. (sorry)

COUPLES are encouraged to apply together! I would love to find a few more couples to join our full time work staff! (We have 2 already! :) )

***To ALL interested applicants, please email me your RESUME as well as references! When I get your email and if there is something about you (It could be your experience or your personality or even your particular situation) that grabs my interest, I will email you in return and ask you to fill out our application! There may be some redunancy in having you repeat your self from time to time...
(but!... It is an effective technique, as many know! :D )

(If I don't feel you are what I am looking for I will still email you to let you know that I am not interested at this time and I thank everyone in advance for taking their time to respond to this ad!) *Just in case I get swamped with responses or if life decides to throw me a curve ball... PLEASE allow me 7 DAYS to respond to your email!*

***My Mom alway's taught me that "you only get one chance to make a first impression and that first impressions are always the most lasting and normally the most telling!"**

Here's to the beginning of new relationship's and fullfilling adventure's! Talk to you soon, H!

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