Why Not Sell For Full Current Appraised Value?

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Consider What Could Happen To Your Equity When You Sell For All Cash:
* Cash is printed, colored paper which is has no security backing it!
* If you lose or someone steals your printed, color paper, it is gone forever!
* You Could Lose 54% Your Property's Value:
# Lose about 10% of full, current appraised value as buyers usually offer 10% less!
# Lose about 4% as it takes months to find a buyer with enough cash down who meets current home buyer occupant federal laws including the Dodd Frank Act which do not apply to investors who are not occupants !
# Lose about 6% to the real estate firm's commission!
# Lose about 3% in closing costs!
# Lose about 5% or more for repairs that the buyer's home inspector and the lender's appraiser requires!
# Lose about 26% or more in federal and state taxes on capital gains on sale plus depreciation recovery for rentals!

Want Full Current Appraised Value For Your Property?
* Receive Secured Notes for your current, appraised equity in the amounts needed
to buy another property, settle with partners, settle a divorce action, or to distribute to heirs!
* The Secured Notes are backed by the equity in your property in the amount of current, appraised value of your equity.
* Should you lose the Secured Notes, you can reply on the recorded documents!
* The Secured Notes provide you with monthly payments over time!
* The Secured Notes will provide you with interest!
* You can recover your property should any default occur!

You Are Probably Wondering Why I Am Offering To Buy At 100% Appraised Value!
* I need income tax benefits including depreciation!
* I have been managing my own rental properties for many years so I the experience to make it work!
* I will take the risk that the property is damaged or there are vacancies!
* The income from the property must cover all the costs of operation and your loan payments!

You Choose The Next Step:
* You can just retire and live on income from the payments due from the
Secured Notes as the Secured Notes are SECURED by the equity in the property.
* You can use the Secured Notes to buy the property you want:
Indicate: Location, Price Range, If Specific Property Is Located, Then the Details.
You might be able to defer income taxes using a secured note secured by the secured notes to buy the property you want!
I will do all I can to assist you in acquiring the property that you desire using the Secured Notes!
I will hold escrow open until you close concurrently on the property, if you desire to acquire another property.

Your Next Step Is To Email Your Property's Complete Details:
* Photos.
* Address.
* Asking price.
* Appraisal if any.
* Income: Tenants, monthly rent, rental agreement type, current income statement, and last 2 yrs. IRS tax returns.
* Costs: Vacancy. taxes, management, insurance, HOA fees, and all other costs!
* Needed maintenance and repairs.
* Loan: Amount, interest rate, payment, if can be assumed, lender, due date.

You can expect a rapid response from me when you email me your complete property details.
I am a real estate investor. I am not a tax expert nor a real estate attorney. I make no guarantee expressed nor implied as to the value or legality of the above information. I recommend that You contact your real estate attorney and tax expert to obtain current, reliable and professional advice.

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