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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Hello my name is Peter Desroches,I am offering low cost labor for basic work and intermediate basic home improvements, I am a LABORER. My hours varies however sometimes i work a few days out the week as a janitor sub for stockton unified. the hours im that i am mainly available are after 3pm mon to friday and open on the weekends all day in the summer. I charge differnt per job depending on its difficulty, size, etc. Or 10.00 an hour depending whats agreed on the rate of pay and the difficulty of job. Note since I travel by bicycle mostly I have limited capacity for tools or supplys. However I do have a vehicle to travel if its nessassary based on long distance. I charge 10.00 in the city to travel by vehicle or total amount of gas money and expenses to travel out of town. Most of the time though I would need to be picked up from my residence to help save us time or I charge 10.00 to travel to your address. Also you would need to mostly supply what materials is needed for the job. Some times I charge a portion or entire amount of the money I charge the same day I work as well regardless if I finished or did not finish that day. Also most importantly please be able to be patient while instructing and teaching me on projects and improvements based on advanced home improvement level. In other words I am willing to learn if you have the Patience, experience and knowledge when you need and want a project or task done a certian way.

Note: The term intermediate means that I am at an intermediate level or just GENERAL LABORER or has moderate basic experience in home improvement. If you dont understand what that means please ask me or research it first before hiring me, thanks.
Also I only answer phone calls, I cant fully ask questions with message tagging, thanks.

Heres my prices:
yard work 20.00 to 100.00
Basic electrical 10.00 to 80.00
Basic electrical means wireing light switchs and electrical plugs
Physical labor 10.00 to 80.00
Water cooler repair 20.00to 80.00
Basic and intermediate home improvements 10.00 to 100.00

Basic means, I have these skills: 1.painting by brush or spray gun useing conventional* means, 2. Installing doors ( with out modifying*),3. Carpet removal, 4. Installing ceiling fans,5. Installing electrical plugs and light switchs. 6. Installing pre cut and adjusted door jams. and 7. Basic landscapeing, cutting branches and trimming trees or bushes.
(Conventional means in this case) Standard way of technique and labor, attributed to working conditions regarding a work area or space free from problamatic conditions and matters.

Intermediate home inprovement means I have these skills:
1. laying floor tile( no tile cutting involved) or retro fitting, non mortar techniques only. 2. Installing fence boards, (no board cutting involved to retro fit) unless problem can managed at a basic level. 3. Installing door frames with pre cut materials. 4. Water cooler parts install, repair and replacement.

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