Various Assorted Games and Game Memorabilia

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Assorted game related items for sale.

-Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt $10
-Super Mario Bros. 3 $15
-Tiger-Heli $5

-WF War Zone $5

-Gamecube system with all cables and 1 Hulk controller $45
-Madcatz GameCube memory card $8
-Sphinx and The Cursed Mummy $10
-Harvest Moon Magical Melody $15
-007 Nightfire $10
-Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3 $15

-Official Nintendo Wii Component Cables $10
-Wii Balance Board $15
-Metroid Prime 3 Corruption $10
-The Last Story $20

-New Super Mario Bros. 2 $18

-Original Gameboy with no battery cover or Faceplate $25
-Toy Story $3
-Radar Mission $2
-Play Action Football (has manual) $4

Gameboy Advance:
-The Incredibles $3
-LEGO Island 2 (has manual) $6
-Battlebots (has manual) $6
-Yu-Gi-Oh The Eternal Duelist Soul $5
-Pokemon Ruby (the label is gone and battery is dry) $10
-Bionicle (has manual) $3
-Iridion 3D $2
-Operation Armored Liberty (has manual) $4
-007 Nightfire $6
-Midnight Club $4

-PS1 Power Cord $5
-PS1 Generic Controller $5
-PS1 Gold Finger cheat device $10

-Shining Force EXA Disc Only $18
-Death By Degrees $9
-NBA LIVE 2003 $4
-PS2 DVD Remote 2x $5 a piece
-Pac-Man World 3 $5
-Bakugan Battle Brawlers $3
-Call of Duty World at War Final Fronts $3

-Nyko BluWave Ps3 DVD Remote New in Box $10
-Battlefield 3 Limited Edition $5
-Tales of Xillia Limited Edition Sealed $60

Sega Genesis:
-Eternal Champions( in box) $9
-College Basketball( in box, cart has some of the label peeled off, not too bad, but is there) $9

Sega Dreamcast:
-NBA 2K $5
-WWF Royal Rumble $5
-Test Drive 6 $5

-Pokemon Timeline Poster in tube new $6
-Club Nintendo greeting cards sealed $8
-Pokemon Dialga DS case $15
-Gamester Gameboy carry bag and various accessories $5
-Splatoon Target Exclusive Water Gun $15

Empty Cases/Boxes and Manuals:
-Black DS Lite box and inserts $10
-New Super Mario Bros. DS case $5
-Pokemon Soul Silver case $5
-Super Mario 3D World case $5
-New Super Mario Bros. Wii case $5
-Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness case $5
-Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness artwork with generic DVD case $4
-2x Mario Kart Double Dash case $5 a piece
-Mario Kart Double Dash Bonus Disc double disc case $10
-Sonic Adventure 2 Battle case $5
-Kirby Squeak Squad case $5
-007 Nightfire case $5

Feel free to ask questions or for pictures of anything. I'm just trying to get rid of this stuff so I am open to offers. Some items listed might not be pictured .Will not go further than Franklin except The White Bridge Road area in Nashville.

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