Will literally work for food

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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So as my post says I will literally work for food. Times are tough I lost my job last year and we had to move to a small shack with $500 rent to make ends meet but that house turned out to have no insulation and Bartow electric is killings us. I found part time work but get only around 24 to 28 hours a week and my husband is faring the same working for a hotel doing maintenance for $10/hour with the same amount of hours.

Yet, we make too much for food stamps and food pantries in Bartow only offer bread, rice, beans and ramen and maybe a pack of cold cuts if we're lucky.

I am not asking for hand outs I am willing to work to feed my family. We are desperate as we had to get new tires on our car and we have not even bought uniforms or school supplies for my daughter and she needs a better bike to get to and from school. We don't get paid for another week but then rent and utilities are due. I am willing to work in exchange for food (maybe in a family restaurant or caterer) or pay so I can buy food. Unfortunately, I work in retail and my hours are all over the place mostly between 1 to 3 start time to 8 to 10 quitting time but they expect you available flexible hours and days so I have 11to 8 shifts or 7 to 3 shifts as well makes it hard to take on a second job

But my schedule is out 3 weeks in advance so I can fit in time around my schedule unless you are offering full time employment.

I have worked in property management for many years and in the plumbing industry and retail and restaurants in my youth.

I am Christian and I have 4 AA degrees. The problem is I moved to Florida for a apprenticeship but was told after 1/2 way here that the owner's wife is sick and he is taking time off and cannot afford to take me on because he now has to hire a person who is lisenced instead of an apprentice.

It cost us $4000 to move here which we put the truck rental, hotel, and gas on my credit cards expecting a $30,000 job when I got here.
My husband and I, who both had perfect credit were left with a lease pre-signed and neither one of us employed.

Now I cannot work in property management because I now have bad credit. And we are just trying to survive day to day. We had dreams coming here to maybe finally afford to buy a home because that dream was beyond our reach in California where the average home is over $500,000.

I have hope still for my future I plan on paying off my debts but securing a profitable job with bad credit is a challenge. If you pull my credit report you will see all negative entries happened in the last year and I had a long history of previously good credit prior to this.

I am a Christian with no criminal history I don't do drugs and rarely touch alcohol.

I graduated college with highest honors I just need someone who will look at what I have achieved in the past to trust I would be an asset to their company and give me a chance. But chances only come from people who know you and we don't know anyone here in Florida . We like Florida and want to give it a chance But until then I just need to feed my family and I am willing to work for it.

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