2 year old American bulldog

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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It with heavy heart that i do this.. but....this boy his name is Merlin like the wizard. He is two years old utd on shots. he came with papers but they lost them when they moved several times. Back in February his parents were going through a rough time, they were about to ets, and move off post, he told me he was going to have to find someone to buy him, so I was like how about this I buy him from you and when you get a house that you can have him at I'll give him back and you can pay me back, well now things have drastically changed and he doesn't want him back. when I got him I didn't plan to keep him I only had in my mind 1 year or so, hes approximately 140 pounds hes way to big for me, im highly allergic to him (I have an extremely bad rash that covers my body) and he needs someone who has the strength to walk him and exercise him, he tore my shoulder and im pending surgery so i cant play with him or exercise as much as a dog his size and with as much energy that he has needs, this boy is extremely smart and hyper and very active. He knows how to sit, lay down, and shake with both paws, and is extremely protective. He is an inside only dog he does not mark or pee or potty inside he is potty trained and can hold it for long periods of time like while you are at work he won't even have an accident, then when you get home and let him out he'll go outside do his thing and scratch at the door to be let in. The best alarm system I've ever owned lol he does good with other animals, but you have to let them meet outside not on his property so in an open space, extremely sweet and friendly and a fast learner. Not neutered and he makes gorgeous babies! I've had him since February and have spent almost 2500 dollars or more with buying him, buying dog treats, food and toys, no I don't want to make my money back for all the pet fees, I'm only asking for how much I bought him for from my friend, if you know anything about this breed then you know he is a very expensive dog. In order for me to hand him over to you I would like to do a house inspection no I'm not checking the cleanliness I'm checking for how big the place is and if you have a fenced in yard big enough for him to enjoy! He loves water and will play in the water hose! He will make an excellent lake buddy. Please text me at 254-432-3seven5seven for the price. I can work with you on payments or whatever, I am in no rush to see him go, but I have until mid September beginning of October before I need him to be gone. So no low balling me with the fee. He was the best dog that I have ever had the privilege of having in my house! He will be the best dog you have ever owned I can promise you that! He would make an amazing service dog or emotional support dog, he knows when you have had a rough day and he will sit with you and put his paw on your lap or in your hand and just sit there with you he is amazing!! ? this is just not the right time for me to have him, one I can't afford to take him to the vet if an emergency were to happen with him, two I don't have someone I can leave him with when I go do military training, and three I don't have the yard big enough for him to run around in or a house big enough to where he can be inside and I don't break out in a rash.
Thank you for looking! ???

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