Thank You Dustin!!!!! Please Read!!!

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Just wanted to post this so that everyone could see...

I have a friend that used to be a Finance Manager at one of our local "Big Boy" car lots. He was there for almost 8 yrs. He was very good at his job and made great money doing it. Due to the time it took to keep that career, he retired from that life to spend more time with his family. About 3 months after he left the dealership he approached me and offered me an Emergency Roadside Assistance plan for only $19.95 a month. After a brief chuckle I said to him "Dustin, I thought you were done with that, why are you trying to sell me on those products?" Much to my surprise, he told me that although he was not at the dealership anymore, he was still able to offer that particular plan because of his motor club membership gained from the dealership.

Well Dustin... I have to say THANK YOU my friend for that offer. Today I was driving down Banks Ave. and almost got into a wreck. The person in front of me wasn't paying attention and locked up their brakes to avoid hitting the person in front of them. Due to that, I also locked up my brakes to avoid hitting them and when I swerved to the side, I NAILED THE CURB. At first, I didn't realize that I flattened my tire, but soon after taking off, I realized it.

In a panic, the first thing I did was call my wife to let her know and to find out if we have any coverage. She laughed at me and said "Do you not remember letting Dustin con you into buying roadside protection?"
Then it hit me, I am a member! I pulled the card out of my wallet, called the number on the back, gave them my member number and presto! There was a tow truck (a flatbed at that) at my location in less than 20 minutes! I was towed to the tire store of my choice because it was within the 100 mile tow radius. Now I have 2 new tires and what started to be a horrible day was turned around to be an awesome day thanks to my good ole' buddy Dustin!

In my thanks to him, I am going to post a link to one of his pages so that you have the option to view the coverage he "conned" me into getting that payed for itself today! Trust me it is worth it!

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