Yu-Gi-Oh! Set of 159 Cards

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All cards are all in mint condition and have only ever been handled with gloves.

In addition, you will also get two Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Binder in which the cards (Blue Eyes White Dragon and Magician's Force) have been kept. The other cards come in sleeves.


For pictures of the Blue Eyes White Dragon set, go here http://saltlakecity..org/for/ html

For pictures of the Magician's Force set, go here http://saltlakecity..org/for/ html

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Legendary Collection

LC01-EN004 - Blue-Eyes White Dragon - ULTRA RARE
LC01-EN005 - Dark Magician - ULTRA RARE
LC01-EN006 - Red-Eyes B. Dragon - ULTRA RARE

Metal Raiders

MRD-006 - Killer Needle
MRD-068 - Illusionist Faceless Mage
MRD-078 - Crass Clown - SHORT PRINT
MRD-086 - Princess of Tsurugi - RARE
MRD-087 - Protector of the Throne
MRD-101 - Insect Soldiers of the Sky
MRD -103 - Musician King
MRD-123 - Skull Knight
MRD-127 - Solemn Judgment - ULTRA RARE

Spell Ruler

SRL-009 - Queen Bird
SRL-013 - Guardian of the Throne Room
SRL-035 - Final Destiny
SRL-046 - Chain Energy
SRL-064 - House of Adhesive Tape
SRL-074 - Jigen Bakudan - SUPER SHORT PRINT
SRL-075 - Hyozanryu - RARE
SRL-097 - Umiiruka - SHORT PRINT
SRL-098 - Molten Destruction - SHORT PRINT

Pharaoh's Servant

PSV-021 - Mystic Probe
PSV-040 - Morphing Jar #2 - RARE
PSV-044 - Mr. Volcano
PSV-049 - Harpie's Brother
PSV-052 - Minor Goblin Official
PSV-054 - Attack and Receive
PSV-088 - 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
PSV-092 - Skull Mariner
PSV-095 - Island Turtle

Legacy of Darkness

LOD-073 - Super Robolady

Dark Crisis

DCR-034 - Gravity Axe - Grarl
DCR-037 - Two Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce
DCR-039 - Rod of the Mind's Eye
DCR-043 - Non-Spellcasting Area
DCR-046 - Staunch Defender
DCR-049 - Skill Drain - RARE
DCR-087 - Contract with the Dark Master
DCR-090 - Cestus of Dagla
DCR-099 - Archfiend's Roar

Invasion of Chaos

IOC-013 - Berserk Gorilla - RARE
IOC-35 - Stumbling
IOC-043 - Thunder Crash
IOC-048 - Blasting the Ruins
IOC-058 - Neo Bug
IOC-064 - Molten Zombie
IOC-068 - Stealth Bird
IOC-074 - Hyper Hammerhead
IOC-084 - Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness - SUPER RARE

Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon

LOB-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
LOB-002 Hitotsu-Me Giant
LOB-003 Flame Swordsman
LOB-004 Skull Servant
LOB-007 Celtic Guardian
LOB-009 Mammoth Graveyard
LOB-010 Silver Fang
LOB-011 Dark Gray
LOB-012 Trial of Nightmare
LOB-013 Nemuriko
LOB-016 Flame Manipulator
LOB-017 Monster Egg
LOB-020 Dark King of the Abyss
LOB-021 Fiend Reflection #2
LOB-023 Turtle Tiger
LOB-024 Petit Dragon
LOB-025 Petit Angel
LOB-031 Dissolverock
LOB-033 The Furious Sea King
LOB-034 Green Phantom King
LOB-036 King Fog
LOB-038 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman
LOB-039 Kurama
LOB-040 Legendary Sword
LOB-041 Beast Fangs
LOB-043 Book of Secret Arts
LOB-045 Dragon Capture Jar
LOB-046 Forest
LOB-047 Wasteland
LOB-049 Sogen
LOB-050 Umi
LOB-051 Yami
LOB-054 Red Medicine
LOB-055 Sparks
LOB-064 Beaver Warrior
LOB-072 Witty Phantom
LOB-076 M-Warrior #1
LOB-077 M-Warrior #2
LOB-080 Terra the Terrible
LOB-081 Frenzied Panda
LOB-084 Enchanting Mermaid
LOB-086 Dragoness the Wicked Knight
LOB-087 One-Eyed Shield Dragon
LOB-089 Laser Cannon Armor
LOB-093 Electro-Whip
LOB-094 Mystical Moon
LOB-103 Spike Seadra
LOB-105 Skull Red Bird
LOB-106 Armed Ninja
LOB-109 Sand Stone
LOB-111 Misairuzame
LOB-112 Steel Ogre Grotto #1
LOB-113 Lesser Dragon
LOB-119 Pot of Greed
LOB-115 Drooling Lizard
LOB-121 Left Leg of the Forbidden One

Magician's Force

MFC-002 - Oppressed People
MFC-003 - United Resistance
MFC-008 - Pitch-Dark Dragon
MFC-009 - Kiryu
MFC-010 - Decayed Commander
MFC-012 - Giant Orc
MFC-015 - Des Dendle
MFC-016 - Burning Beast
MFC-018 - Union Rider
MFC-019 - D.D. Crazy Beast - RARE
MFC-021 - Neko Mane King
MFC-025 - Roulette Barrel
MFC-027 - White Dragon Ritual
MFC-028 - Frontline Base
MFC-029 - Demotion
MFC-032 - Autonomous Action Unit
MFC-033 - Poison of the Old Man
MFC-036 - Raregold Armor
MFC-037 - Metalsilver Armor
MFC-039 - Tribute Doll - RARE
MFC-042 - Thunder of Ruler
MFC-045 - Pineapple Blast
MFC-047 - Physical Double
MFC-048 - Rivalry of Warlords
MFC-055 - Great Angus
MFC-056 - Aitsu
MFC-057 - Sonic Duck
MFC-059 - Amazoness Paladin
MFC-060 - Amazoness Fighter
MFC-062 - Amazoness Blowpiper
MFC-064 - Skilled White Magician - SUPER RARE
MFC-066 - Apprentice Magician - RARE
MFC-069 - Magical Marionette
MFC-070 - Pixie Knight
MFC-073 - Magical Scientist
MFC-075 - Armor Exe - RARE
MFC-076 - Tribe-Infecting Virus - SUPER RARE
MFC-079 - Magical Merchant
MFC-083 - Dark Cat with White Tail
MFC-084 - Amazoness Spellcaster
MFC-087 - Gather Your Mind
MFC-090 - Emblem of Dragon Destroyer
MFC-091 - Jar Robber
MFC-092 - My Body as a Shield
MFC-093 - Pigeonholing Books of Spell
MFC-098 - Exhausting Spell
MFC-100 - Miracle Restoring

Starter Deck Pegasus

SDP-010 - Hane-Hane
SDP-015 - Man-Eater Bug
SDP-032 - Mystical Space Typhoon

Starter Deck Joey

SDJ-008 - 7 Colored Fish
SDJ-015 - Time Wizard
SDJ-025 - Malevolent Nuzzler
SDJ-026 - Dark Hole

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