Electronic Exhibition in Satx (Calling all electronic artists in area!)

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Hello Internet!

We are The Electronic Exhibition, a monthly exhibition of electronic art. We want artists from your city to come to ours!

This monthly event will showcase original artists/producers and their end result. It is open to improvisation, noise, analog production, digital production, visual projection, etc.

The idea is to be an outlet for those who either don't have one or are seldom given a chance to show us what they have. These events are exhibitions of electronic art, both audible and visual. The internet has made it easy to access new music and forms of digital art. These events will bring it to a personal setting.

We are always looking to make contact/network with more artists. We are actively interested in collaborative installations (both audio and visual). Please email us or forward this to a friend/colleague/interested parties.

There will be a short Q&A with each artist before their set to get you better acquainted with each of them.

Inquiries regarding participation as an artist are directed towards THE REPLY RELAY OF THIS POST.
Or find us on
twitter: @electronicXsa
tumblr: electronicXsa

Share the event so others can share their efforts/achievements/art/etc


08/21/15 @ The Phantom Room

08/29/15 @ La Botanica

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