I want to experience Life and lose myself in the service of others

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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Hi my name is Tayler Falkner, I am 22 years old living in North Phoenix. First I want to thank you for taking the time to read this, because I believe that nothing happens by coincedence and everything falls into the hands of God, the universe is always conspiring to help us if we could just open up not only our arms but our hearts as well.
To be quite honest I am only 22 years of age and I am already sick and tired of people trying to limit my beliefs, my dreams and my aspirations. We are told that we are dreaming too big, that it will never happen, that it could never happen. Well i'm that person who believes that it can happen. We should never stop believing in ourselves especially others. How can we make a better lives for ourselves if we are not willing to believe in the unbelievable? I once read a quote that said, "What we cannot see in this world is far more powerful than anything that can not be seen." That was in a Millionaire Mind book. I believe that we are capable of anything we set our mind to and I believe everyone is here for a reason. I don't believe in following all of the bullshit headlines in order to keep us distracted. No. I want people to stand up and fight for our freedom because honestly, I don't feel so free by having to work 40 plus hours a week just to get out of poverty. I want to be working towards something that is changing lives everyday. I want to provide better education for children. I want to show them how to bring themselves back to their own inner peace. I want to teach children that if we believe in each other, and we all come together as one, we can save each other and this planet. I want to teach Meditation, Healthy and more balanced lifestyles, I want to spread love and positivity. I want to teach, I want to travel, I want to learn. All my life I knew there was something else out there for me in this world, and its not a 9-5 job. I want to wake up in the morning knowing that I am working towards the betterment of mankind. I want us to come together for a revolution. I want to help people help themselves. I want to sit around, eat good meals with great people and thrive in the joy and happiness of others.

I am looking to start a small business. And I am looking for like-minded people who can relate to my story and someone who might take that chance in believing in me. I am sitting here at the library looking at this computer screen knowing there is something out there for me. A way that I could be changing the world right now. A way that I could be making money to take care of myself and my family. A way to get out of here

I love you thank you for reading I hope to hear from you

All I am looking for is a chance to provide stability and security for me and my loved ones. And I want to get there by losing myself in the service of others. I refuse to believe anything over than the fact that God is always on my side, and he gave me the mind of a Millionaire. I am here to make a difference in this world, and so are you

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