Jimmy Styks Inflatable SUPs At Great Prices

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
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NEW SHIPMENT of 2015s JUST IN, but only 4 left of the 2014s!
If you'd like a no-hype SUP education, give us a call. We have over 30 years' experience teaching windsurfing, kayaking and now, stand-up paddleboarding, and our specialty has always been to simplify the basics so you're successful from the beginning. A lot of people buy a starter piece knowing nothing, figuring once they get the hang of it, they'll upgrade. Why not make the right choice in the first place? We can help you choose based on your height, weight, sense of adventure and expectations for use. The last piece of the puzzle is a mini-lesson and demo so you can put knowledge into action, and we are right on a calm, easy to paddle stretch of river for that.

We're a Jimmy Styks SUP dealer and have a great deal with them on very slightly used inflatable models. These SUPs are really tough and come complete with a pump, backpack and adjustable paddle that we just love (and we're paddle snobs). The joy of a good inflatable SUP is the fact it can travel to the water in a tiny car, or even fly with you on vacation (several buyers take theirs to Hawaii). They are incredibly solid boards once inflated. All of our SUPs, including these, have a full one year warranty, which is excellent. Some companies' SUPs cost twice the price or more and yet have only a 3 month warranty.

Some of the iSUPs were returned simply because buyers changed their minds, while others found inflating was too hard. Some were returned unopened! Inflating takes several minutes and a rest in between pumping helps, but most people in general good health can do it as long as they are big enough and strong enough (some 5' people we know couldn't cut it, while others could).

We also have brand new Ironhide 330s, which are much tougher than epoxy boards and perfect for rough use, which includes ocean surfing and running the river over and around rocks (iSUPs are also good for these uses). The upper Trinity River this time of year has a few bouncy and exciting spots (which you can tackle standing, kneeling or even sitting, depending on your comfort level) along with many long stretches of easier water and all of it is scenic. You get to cruise and surf for miles!

And don't forget your dog when you SUP! We take our lab and border collie mix dogs (abt. 70# each) with us on the lake and they are very good about staying calm on the bow. One already is a talented sit-on-top kayak surfer and she'll no doubt be taking a river run soon (summers are crazy busy for us, so we look forward to fall and more time to play).

Our iSUPs and Ironhides are versatile boards and come complete with a nice, adjustable paddle that fits into the backpack, plus the fin and leash.
Slightly used 2014 iSUPs are $350 and the 2015 iSUPs are $400. The main difference between the two models is the 2015 has a bungee on the forward portion of the board for carrying gear.
Ironhides are $599.
Buy two SUPs of any type and you'll save $25 per SUP.
We offer demos at our place on the Trinity River where the water is very slow and calm; novices do fine here.
We can ship out of state and Oregon is tax-free. Shipping runs about $30.
You can upgrade to a carbon fiber shaft version of the paddle for $40 more (it is stronger and lighter, which is nice, but the basic model IS a good one).

Our photos show Heidi with Biscuit on Lewiston Lake; Ashley and Steph running the Trinity; Randy's demo at the nearby warmer than the river pond; and several shots paddling in front of our place (such as the father and son upriver, and the daughter paddling her seated mom; those two also play Clash of the Titans, or Bumper Boats, ramming each other in an aquatic version of jousting!). There is also a picture of two proud new owners wearing their iSUPs in backpacks.

Here is what recent purchaser Randy Hawkins just wrote: "Hey guys, The board has been amazing. So amazing I have got my mother and father-in-law interested in one. They got to play on mine out on the lake and are excited about it. Great boat toy for them on the lake. [They bought one.] I got pulled behind my boat on my SUP and had a fantastic time surfing the wake. Can't wait to get some river time in." Cool, huh?

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