Guaranteed 10+ more clicks a day on your google adsense ads

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Date Posted : 2015-08-19
Category : Computer Services

I have over 6 years experience in seo of all kinds. I know the tricks inside and out, and I am well researched. I can promise you up to 100+ more clicks a day on your adsense ads then you have been receiving from people in America and Germany. Specifically people interested in your niche. These unique visitors may look through your site or they may not. The one thing I can promise is if you pay for 10 clicks a day you will get 10 clicks a day and if you pay for 100 clicks a day you will get at least that many.

Projects can go anywhere from one week to one year in length.

Google ads can make you up to $.40 per click, and $.05 per impression. Let's do the math.

(10 x $.40) + (50 x $.05) = $6.50 a day
(100 $.40) + (500 x $.05) = $65 a day

If you are interested (maybe you would like to see a test sample of work) please text or email Christopher Knox.

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