ELPaso = Delivery Courier - must have pickup Cargo Van Suburban

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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ELPaso = Delivery, Courier - must have pickup, Cargo Van, Suburban
Prefer independent couriers. We need to always be able to call you during the day shift.

Our old courier has moved and we have about 75-100 runs per year from ELP to funeral homes 10 to 200 miles away.

We have a run picking up at Delta Cargo ELP airport and going north east 196 miles to Artesia, NM, . Normally we pay $190-$230 for this run. First one that calls gets it. Please call us at 866-474-50 six one to show your interest in being our GO TO courier for future courier runs.

Probably 5 or 10 other companies will give me their bids with some being independent couriers and some retirees.

We are the biggest shipper of boxed EMPTY caskets in the USA. We need a low priced dependable courier for the area. We normally have about 75-100 shipments per year from ELP . We let you know 1 day ahead of time on each shipment.

Delivery, Courier - must have own pickup truck, Suburban, Cargo Van

Part Time Delivery job - We ship EMPTY Caskets to ELP and we need couriers or drivers to deliver them from the airport to a nearby or distant funeral homes.

The caskets measure 86" long x 30" wide x 24" high. The airport will load the box containing the empty casket into your vehicle. The funeral home will wheel an adjustable height dolly up to the back of your vehicle. You will then push the casket out onto the dolly and they will wheel the casket into the funeral home. Get a signoff and you are done. Only one person is necessary. You do not have to lift the casket.

Sometimes we will have long deliveries up to 300 miles away. If you are not available for these, that is ok.

Please send us a table like below or you can call us:

0-10 miles = $35
11- 30 miles $45
31- 40 miles $55
over 40 miles = $1.10/mile with $55 minimum

Please call us with your prices. Remember, many others will be bidding on this job today and future shipments so give us your best price.

We pay by Paypal, credit card but most companies just bill us. We pay usually 1 or 2 days from delivery. Your choice.

So what are your RATES, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS and NAME? This is a Part Time Job. We let you know 1 day ahead of time on each delivery.

Please reply to this email to show your interest in being our GO TO courier for future courier runs.

Please call us at 866-474-50 six one.


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