6 Yr old English Mastiff seeks loving home

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
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This is Bella. She has the average laid back loving temperament of a mastiff but she has had a hard life. We initially rescued her when she was a puppy. She had issues with her legs and her breeder abandoned her. We placed her on cage rest and she recovered just fine but when she was about 1 year old she partially tore both of her ACL's. We had a lateral suture performed on both legs so that she would be able to run and play. The surgery left it so that she does not have the full range of motion in her legs (when she swims her bottom just floats straight up) and she tends to stand somewhat funny. She is still agile though and loves to run and play in fields and streams. She has a bladder issue from when she was spayed, causing her to dribble and leak. We have her on medication for this (Proin-runs about $20 per month) that has completely fixed the issue. She has one eye that is cloudy, it clears up with steroidal drops but returns as soon as they are stopped. The vet believes it does not cause her any pain and the only option would be to leave it as is or to have the eye removed. She has a tendency to rip apart bedding (wool indiana blankets seem to be the only thing that she doesn't chew up), last year over thanksgiving the boarder's placed a comforter in her cage and she managed to tear that apart and eat the stuffing. The result was an obstruction that required surgery, at which time her stomach was also tacked in order to reduce the chance of bloat.

She is an extremely loving dog but the medication she is on for the bladder issue and from not having vision in her one eye has made her really anxious. We have a 2 year old that she does "okay" with. She has nipped at our daughter on the rare occasion but has never broken the skin. Our other dogs are perfectly okay with our daughter but Bella doesn't want anything to do with her. She also has no sense when it comes to moving through the house, when she is going outside or going through the house she will go barging through at full speed knocking the other dogs out of the way and knocking over/trampling our daughter if she is in the way. We have tried to work with her but it does not seem to make much difference. We are expecting again in 2 months and we are just too worried about how she will be when there are two children around. Right now she gets anxious when our daughter comes up to her and will get up and move but when there are 2 kids we worry about her getting cornered and her snapping.

I know it sounds like Bella is a lot of work, in truth she is, but she is also one of the biggest lovers you will find. She absolutely loves to be outside which is why the ideal home for her will be on a farm or someone with a large backyard where she can spend most of her time. We don't particularly support dogs being outdoor dogs but I think if she were to be then her medication could be stopped and she would not be so anxious all the time. If someone has a large yard where she can spend the majority of the day and be inside at night would be great as well. I would highly advise against someone with young children (younger than 10 or so) since that is one of the major reasons we have to let her go. While she is extremely loving she is also highly protective and will let you know if someone comes near your house if she is able to see outside. She is somewhat small for a mastiff, I would wager she is about as tall as a golden retriever. Currently she weighs around 130 pounds, she is stocky though and we generally use a gentle leader to go for walks. She tends to do fairly well with a gentle leader on, she might occasionally bark or pull towards another dog but usually only when the other dog barks or lunges first. We have actually never had any issue with her or another dog getting along, she's more of the lay around and mind her own business sort of dog. I would advise feeding her separately though if you have other dogs because she loves her food.

I know she sounds like a handful, honestly she is at times, but she is a really sweet dog. Unfortunately we just cannot take care of her anymore. Between 2 children and our other 2 dogs we can not give her the attention she deserves. The main thing though is her being on the medication, it just makes her so anxious (so much that she chews her nails to stumps at times), and we feel that it is unfair for her to have the live that way. We would love to not have be on it but we live in a townhouse so we obviously can't leave her outside all day and if we don't give her the medication then she leaks all through the house.

If you are genuinely interested then I just ask that you think very hard and seriously about the decision to take her. We really want her to end up in a loving home where she can spend the rest of her days.

The best way to contact me is to text or email.

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