A-players Only! Sales & Marketing Superstars For A Winning Team!

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
Category : Real Estate

Your Challenge:
Your mission, should we formally offer and should you accept, is to be the BEST--the one who is standing up at the front of the room each week training the Team on that week's training subject because YOU are so good at it! The one who rents apartments the fastest, collects the highest percentage of income, has the happiest Clients & Residents and who also receives the most PERKS, BONUSES, and PATS ON THE BACK! So, it appears that the real challenge is to be, "The One." Are you. . . The One?

Who You Could Be Working With:
You could be surrounding yourself with high-achieving Team members who are very happy to help and want to see you succeed. People who will assist you in any way and at any time they can; people who work very hard and play very hard. People you can trust, count on, and enjoy being around!

Our Challenge:
To find a sales and marketing SUPERSTAR--a friendly, experienced CHAMPION who wants to GROW and be part of a Team who wants to make a dent in this Universe. We are looking for someone who wants to be surrounded by other high-achievers, a person who is educated and experienced with at least 2 years of professional property management under their belt; someone so educated and experienced that they have a Real Estate Sales license, and have either a property management designation (such as "C.A.M.") or have taken formal education classes in property management.

Our challenge is to find an A-Player who can preferably read, speak, and write in English. . . y en espaol. . . and;
-A goal oriented, success thirsty, high-achiever;
-Honest, hardworking;
-Respectful, tactful, and respectable;
-A fun-loving leader who cares about their FUTURE, their TEAM, and especially their CLIENTS, and RESIDENTS.
-A playful and energetic being who knows when to be serious and never waste their precious time that they can never get more of;
-A player always ahead of the game;
-And very able to work under the stress of a fast paced, high-demanding environment.

We Don't Ask For Much Different Than The Others:
A.Market, show, and rent apartments as they become vacant (pre-rented apartments results in higher bonuses!).
B.Clean, or supervise, the cleaning and preparation of apartments for rent;
C.Collect all rents when due and promptly deposit them in Employer's account;
D.Maintain the general premises and laundry room in a clean, orderly, and safe condition;
E.Enforce any rules governing the premises and report any unusual Resident problems or behavior to Employer;
F.Report to Employer all necessary repairs, present and projected vacancies, accidents and changes of tenancy immediately upon discovery;
G.Ensure prompt vendor payments by timely coding and entering invoices;
H.Assist in training the Team on your strengths;
I.Flabbergast your Team and the competitors with your amazingness and other tasks given from time to time.

How We Measure Success:
-By percentage of units occupied;
-By percentage of income collected;
-By invoices promptly being entered and paid;
-By having a WINNING ATTITUDE and being a person our CLIENTS, RESIDENTS, and TEAM MEMBERS want to work with and be around;
-Being punctual and timely completing tasks and following up with voicemails/emails, etc.;
-By WINNING inside competitions and taking home the CHAMPIONSHIP in awards, perks, and bonuses;
-And other measures we may find here and there to support the greatness of our Team.

Your Opportunity:
To come in at whatever level and change the pace and environment to one in which YOU THRIVE in--to take an individual property or multiple properties as your baby that you get to mold, shape, and sculpt into the masterpiece you desire; to show a proven Team that there are others out there who want to be part of a winning Team, who can help coach and lead us, share our moves with each other, and then go out there and WIN!

How BIG You Can Be:
The sky is the limit here! We are growing so fast that we have to turn business away so that we can be sure we can focus intently on what we have here in front of us while still remaining SUPERSTARS. Our belief is to promote from within--we send our serious A-Players to classes and trainings, seminars, and conferences--it is just up to you to decide how far you want to go. We have promoted Porters into Managers into Districts and Regionals; we have promoted Agents into Operations Executives, receptionists into Accounts Receivable and Maintenance Scheduling--and we are only 1.5 years old! Who do you want to be next year? Operations Coordinator? Field and Team Trainer? Regional Supervisor? Regional Director? Regional Vice-President? Show us your stuff--we can always create new positions if we don't already have it!

Do We Get Paid, You Ask:
We offer some of the most COMPETITIVE SALARIES out there and with a more than excellent chance of growth than most others including a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartment depending on what's available and YOUR NEEDS. We have a BENEFITS PACKAGE and BONUS PROGRAM. We also offer other PERKS and BONUSES through FRIENDLY competition.

Do We Have Fun, You Ask:
The BEST part of being a part of our Team is the fun you have being on a WINNING TEAM--it's always FUN when you're in 1st place! But when it is YOU who is taking and making the WINNING shot and when YOUR scoreboard looks the BEST at the end of the month internally, and externally when we are smoking our competition, there is no better feeling! There is always the other type of FUN we ENJOY too--from inviting the Team to see the Dodgers and Angels games, to the horse track, hotel party events, and luncheons, parties, etc. we DO have a great time!

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