Super grateful to breeders.

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Date Posted : 2015-08-18
Category : Pets

Breeders, I am super thankful to you. Thanks to you, we have enough animals for the countless forever homes that are waiting in line to see an animal through its lifetime. Thanks to you, animal advocates have something to do! Without you, we'd run out of animals to rescue and rehabilitate. YOU ARE DOING AN AWESOME SERVICE TO YOUR PLANET, YOUR COMMUNITY, and most importantly, the domesticated lives you continue to selfishly multiply. I just want to thank you for continuing to take advantage of the lives that depend on you. It's quick, easy, dirty money that has a lasting impact for YEARS to come. Think twice before you breed animals; you're pathetic heroes of dysfunction and abhorrence. Anyone posting here to "rehome" animals you've bred should be ashamed of yourselves. It's a lie and a misuse of a tool rescuers need.

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